Scrap Swap: Piecing Perfection
Scrap Swap: Piecing Perfection scrap swap with Pattern Revolution, and it did not disappoint! Actually, my kids are already asking -------------------------- Nicole Nicole here, andI was so excited to participate in another scrap swap. It is always this way. ------------------------------- Larissa This scrap swap really made me think outside the Scrap Swap
Scrap Swap: KNITS
So we are wrapping up scrap swap week with a ton of great knit projects to get your creative juices : (Sarah) I received my knit scrap swap from Nicole and I loved every little bit. Some of it I loved so you ever participated in a scrap swap? This is my first experience doing this. All of my friends Scrap Swap: KNITS So, we are wrapping up scrap swap week with a ton of great knit projects to get your creative Scrap Swap . --------------------------- I (Suzanne) was so happy to open up my knit scrap swap package from Sarah, along with
Scrap Swap 2015
Scrap Swap 2015 else made. Stick with us all week to see more Scrap Swap creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a As we entered 2015, we realized it was time to have some group fun. So our first Scrap Swap was Scrap Swap
Scrap Swap 2017: Making Friendship Bracelets with Scraps
Scrap Swap 2017: Making Friendship Bracelets with Scraps Our team has been busy using up the scraps they received as part of our Scrap Swap series and scrap swap Things Katy!, here! I’m sew excited to participate in Pattern Revolution’s Scrap Swap! Each team member
Scrap Swap: Piecing a Wardrobe
comfort while keeping your style! Sarah's Neck Warmer: My woven scrap swap was from Paige and as soon time! My scrap swappee being from Australia sent me so many fun and unique prints. In keeping with Scrap Swap Scrap Swap: Piecing a Wardrobe
Summer Scrap Swap: Getting Dressed
seemed the appropriate time to once again hold a PR scrap swap. We will spend all of August Summer Scrap Swap: Getting Dressed Scrap Swap scraps!!! In our scrap swap, we trade off scrap packs and have to make a project using at least 3 scraps
Scrap Swap: Wovens to WOW
challenge involved scrap swaps. We all have them. Sitting in bins/baskets/bags, crumpled and added Scrap Swap: Wovens to WOW Scrap Swap
Scrap Swap: Whittle your Wovens
Welcome back to Scrap Swap week - where we show off all the scraps we traded here at PR and inspire Scrap Swap Scrap Swap: Whittle your Wovens
Scrap Swap: Baprons and Mermaids
participate in the second Review Team Scrap Swap. The first one was so much fun and I love the excitement of Scrap Swap participating in the scrap swap and made some fantastic items in the process. Hopefully you will find some Scrap Swap: Baprons and Mermaids
Scrap Swap 2017: Fabric Wreath
scrap swap Scrap Swap 2017: Fabric Wreath
Scrap Swap 2017: Scrap Fabric Headbands
Scrap Swap 2017: Scrap Fabric Headbands scrap swap
Scrap Swap: Day of the Dead
Scrap Swap: Day of the Dead Scrap Swap
Scrap Swap 2017: Vintage Inspired Spool Wreath
Sarah brought up the Scrap Swap, I couldn't volunteer fast enough. I stuffed a PFRE and sent it off Scrap Swap 2017: Vintage Inspired Spool Wreath scrap swap
Scrap Swap 2017: Reversible Bowl Covers
Scrap Swap 2017: Reversible Bowl Covers Scrap Swap
Scrap Swap 2017: How to Fabric Weave with Scraps
Scrap Swap 2017: How to Fabric Weave with Scraps more scrap inspiration? Check out some of our previous scrap swap projects!     every year for a Scrap Swap where a member is assigned a partner to send a package of scraps from their scrap swap
Scrap Swap 2017: How to make a Reverse Applique Pillow
Scrap Swap 2017: How to make a Reverse Applique Pillow Our Scrap Swap team has come up with a bunch of fun and creative projects to use up your scraps, and today Rachel is showing us how to make a reverse appliqué pillow cover. This project is perfect for using up various scraps, or even to commemorate the fabrics from special projects! Rachel used her reverse appliqué to make a pillow, but it could also be used for a shirt or bag or other project. Follow along below to make a reverse appliqué of your own! Hi, Rachel here today with a fun and easy scrap busting tutorial! I’m not a quilter, but I am a longtime fan of applique (actually, before I knew how to machine sew, I hand-stitched appliques with embroidery thread to little shirts for Miss P). This year’s scrap swap had me wanting to do something like that, so I settled on reverse applique for a change of pace. You can use the basic stripwork tutorial here for a regular applique, too - so many options! I started by cutting strips from my fabrics that were 1.5” long by about 16” wide. I wanted my finished strips to be 1” long (tall) when they were sewn together, so I added ¼” seam allowance to both long edges. I sewed about 10 strips together - you can decide how many strips to use based on how large you want your finished piece to be. Sew all of the cut strips together along the long edges and press the seam allowances open or all in the same direction. Iron on a lightweight stabilizer/interfacing to the wrong side of your sewn fabric piece to keep those seam allowances pressed neatly. (If you want to use this as a regular applique rather than a reverse applique, iron on a fusible adhesive like Wonder Under or Heat n Bond Lite instead of interfacing. Then you can just iron your applique onto whatever item you’d like to use and topstitch to secure!) I used my Silhouette Cameo to print a large heart shape to use as a template, but you can freehand your shape if you’d prefer. I traced the shape onto the back (interfaced) side of my pieced fabrics. Cut out around the traced shape, leaving about a one inch border outside of the traced line. (This is what it looks like from the back, and from the front.) For my pillow cover I decided to do a quick and easy envelope style, using scrap french terry in keeping with the scrap busting theme of the project. My pillow form was a 10” square, so I cut the front piece to be the same size. You can cut it a little larger (about 11x11”) if you don’t want the cover to be so snug. I also cut two pieces to make the back of my pillowcase, and cut those at 10” by 8” each. Pin the right side of your applique piece (the stripwork heart, in my case) to the wrong side of your pillow cover front. Stitch around the line that you traced earlier; I used a straight stitch for mine at about 3.0mm. Now, flip your pillow cover front to the right side. Using a super sharp pair of scissors (these are my current favorites!), carefully trim out the inside of your shape. Cut close to the stitching line without cutting through it - and make sure not to cut through your applique, either! Your applique is completed; all that’s left is to finish the pillow cover. Take the two pieces that you cut for the back of the cover, and hem along one long edge. Lay the front piece in front of you with the right side facing up, and place one of the back pieces face down on top of the pillow cover front. The hemmed edge should be toward the center. Place the other back piece with right sides together along the other raw edge of the front piece, again with the hemmed edge toward the center. Stitch along all four outside edges to close the pillowcase, turn right side out through the envelope opening at the back, poke those corners out with a turning tool or chopstick, and press. Now stuff with your pillow form and find a bed, chair, or couch that’s been needing a sweet new accessory! scrap swap
Scrap Swap 2017: How to Make a Memory Matching Game
Scrap Swap 2017: How to Make a Memory Matching Game scrap swap Today, Rebekah has worked up a tutorial on how to use your scraps to make a fun matching game! This fun game is great for all ages and has so many possibilities for using your scraps. Follow along with the rest of our Scrap Swap posts here and the tutorial below to find some creative and fun ways to use up your scrap stash! Hey Everyone! Rebekah from Rebekah Sews here! Almost everyone who sews has scraps. If you’re anything like me you probably have more than you can ever use. Every little piece that “could be an applique or something”, is put into a box or bin for future good intention use. Now what are we really going to do with those scraps? Well today I have an idea!! And this one you can even use those little scraps with too! Who doesn’t love games? I know my kids and I do! So I put my scraps to use and made a match memory game for them. I won’t lie, this is a little time consuming because you are making and sewing a bunch of squares, but the effort is well worth it! This could also make a perfect Christmas or birthday gift too! So let’s get started! 1. Gather your scraps!!! 2. Cut your front and back squares. You can cut 10 pairs for 10 matches (20 total), 20 pairs for 20 matches (40 total), and so on. These will be the base of your squares. The back can be anything you have that will accommodate the amount of matches you are making. The front I like a neutral color so it is easy to see the featured match fabric. I cut these at 3.5in x 3.5in. 3. Now time to cut your match fabric. You will need 2 of each pair. I cut these at 2in x 2in. I made myself a little template out of paper to make it easier to get a piece out of the middle of a larger scrap. You can make this part harder by cutting different variations out of the same fabric too! 4. Now take your front square and lay it right side up. Take one match square and lay it on the center of your front square. You can pin this in place or use my little cheat and glue stick it in place! Do this for all your other matches. 5. Time to head to your sewing machine! Sew with a zig zag stitch around your match fabric square making sure your stitch is wide enough to catch the match fabric and your front fabric. Do this for all your other matches. 6. Lay your front piece right side up. Now take your back piece and lay it right side down on top of the front piece so that right sides are together. 8. Head back to your sewing machine and sew ¼” from the edge with a straight stitch around your square making sure you leave the middle of one of the sides open in order to turn your square right side out. Then cut your corners making sure you don’t cut your stitching. 9. Turn your square right side out. Use something pointy to get those corners turned out! Then press the square making sure your opening is folded towards the inside. 10. Head back to the sewing machine one last time and topstitch your match squares! (photo 10) 11. Now have fun and play!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. But even more I hope you enjoy playing!!
Everyday Tote by For My Little Monster
We're finishing up our week (or so!) of bag posts with a bag from Australian designer, For My Little Monster. If you missed any reviews, you can find links to those at the end of this post. But for now, let's catch up with Carrie as she reviews the Everyday Tote for this up and coming designer! Hi everyone! Carrie here, from Beri Bee Designs, back to share a new pattern from Aussie designer - For My Little Monster. Say hello to the Everyday Tote! This is such a fun, simple little bag; although I’m using the term little loosely. For me, I would call this a smaller tote, but that could just be that I’m used to larger bags and at 11”x13” this is definitely on the smaller side of what I own. That being said, it's perfect for so much; anything from a quick trip to the library to a daycare bag or even an overnight bag for my daughter to use for sleepovers. The construction was very straightforward and easy to follow. I will suggest, if you are going to print the directions, do so in color. I tend to follow along on my iPad while I’m sewing and it was very helpful to have the color photos to assist in some of the steps to fully understand the directions. I really love that this had two zippered pockets, especially the one on the outside that allows for quick easy access to items like keys or my phone that I don’t want to get lost in the bottomless pit that most of my bags become. Don’t laugh… I know most of you can relate! As for fabrics, this would be a great way to use up some larger scraps, which is partly what I did here. The interior was a scrap I had hanging around for awhile. The adorable Country Girls is from Riley Blake and came to me by way of that fabulous Scrap Swap that you may have read about earlier this week. Lastly, the aqua and red mushrooms were another Riley Blake (The Red Riding Hood Collection) that arrived as part of the latest Stitch Box Monthly. Which, if you haven’t yet, you definitely should give that a try! It's so much fun to get a mystery box each month, full of fabrics, patterns, and helpful products or notions! In case you missed it... Sarah's Vivian Review Kim's Tech Pouch Review Denita's Totes Ma Tote Review Scrap Swap
Scrap Swap for a Cause- Supporting the Sew Powerful Purse Project
We're continuing our scrap swap, and today's post is very special - this project is a great one for scraps, and will help girls across the world attend school. As we gear up to sew cute clothes for our kiddos as they head back to school - please consider sewing up a purse or two to make sure that girls in Africa will be able to attend school!!! ---------------------- When the package arrived in the mail, I had to wonder at myself...the last thing I NEED in my life are more scraps...why did I sign up for this??? I've got tubs of my own overflowing, but I couldn't help but sign up for our group swap. I happened to see a post in my Facebook feed about the Sew Powerful Purse Project the same day as my package arrived and I was considering choosing that as my project. Then, while I was chatting with Suzanne the next day, she sent me the link and told me to check it out. Confirmation. I found my project. I checked out and immeidately fell in love with their mission to empower women throughout the world by teaching sewing. It really struck a chord with me; I've seen sewing change so many of my friends' lives; I can't imagine the freedom it creates in different circumstances where women have even fewer opportunities. The Sew Powerful Purse Project is a finished product drive sponsored by Liberty Jane Patterns and where seamstresses around the world use a FREE PATTERN from Liberty Jane to sew purses for a school aged girls in Nambia. The purses are filled with reusable feminine hygiene products that are made by local seamstresses, without which the average girl in East Africa would miss 6 weeks of school per year. So, I met the challenge, I used 3 of my scraps from Suzanne in one project, and all for good. I'll be making more, and I hope you will too! The pattern is lovely by they way. Despite being free, it has all the bells and whistles of a high quality PDF pattern. It has 2 front views to choose from and two exterior pockets (one on flap and one on front) in addition to the main purse compartment. Want to get involved? Click the image above to visit Sew Powerful and download the Liberty Jane pattern. Make sure to read all the details about when and where to send your purses for donation. Together we can do SEW MUCH GOOD! Scrap Swap for a Cause- Supporting the Sew Powerful Purse Project We're continuing our scrap swap, and today's post is very special - this project is a great one for Scrap Swap
Scraps, scraps everywhere, and not a scrap to spare...
Scrap Swap
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