Costume Series: Creating a modest Princess Jasmine

Welcome back to our costume series where we take everyday patterns and transform them into amazing costumes for Halloween or any time of year.  Today we have Nicole sharing how she created a modest version of Princess Jasmine for her daughter by using the Little Lizard King Aria and the Whimsy Coture Harem Pants.  Check out her great creation and learn how to make your own!

Take it away Nicole!!!! 


Hello.... To all fellow seamstresses one and all! My name is Nicole I'm a single mom of two beautiful daughters {3,2 almost}.  I love to sew and create beautiful clothing for them. Now that I've introduced myself a wee lil bit, on to the goods! I was thrilled when I found out Pattern Revolution was hosting several weeks of creative souls putting together costumes.   Halloween is creeping up way too fast! I have been knocked off my seat a few times by this amazing and talented group of fellow seamstresses and what they have already created for this series. I'm excited to make some fun dress up clothes for my gals once the series is over.

When the general call for 'Who Wants to Sew a Costume' came up on my computer screen, I was yelling at my screen saying!! {imagine the seagulls from Finding Nemo, totally me!}  Well, I was one of the lucky ladies,  yay!!! I felt like I won the sewing lotto! Now I just had to think of what I wanted to make! A million ideas were coming at me at once. Then... I thought Jasmine.  We had just watched a Sofia the First episode with Princess Jasmine, and  my girls love her; but the overprotective mom in me wasn't enjoying all that skin showing. So, I thought hmm... Why not make a modest style using separates for easy potty access for all those "BIG GIRLS" out there :)   I began my research and collected ideas and finally found the perfect patterns to create my look!


.... Begin drum roll..... for this look I used Little Lizard King Aria and Whimsy Couture Harem pants.  I also added the peplum from Made for Mermaids everyday Cinderella dress. Then I created my own belt -  I'll show you how to make your own! If I wasn't computer dummy I would have included my template, but I'll explain best I can in the tutorial below { you'd think a 28 yr old could figure it out growing up around technology, but sadly I missed the boat on that part of technology!} 

I started with the pants working from bottom up. I think these pants are amazing.  Denise, the owner of WC, shows you how to alter these for more of a straight leg option or you can keep them nice and roomy like I have. I went with the MC Hammer time style because the look is perfect for Jasmine. You will be excited to know that these pants have just ONE pattern piece, yay! You just cut out two pieces for the pants and can have them sewn up (including cutting time) in under 45 mins.  I made mine with costume glitter satin and had no issues with any fo the steps of construction  After I sewed the side seams of my pants, I pressed my seams for the waistband and leg elastic so I had a nice crispy line -  my secret weapon is magic sizing, best $1 you'll ever spend ladies!
Next, I took my peplum and ran a gathering stitch along the top. I have a Bernina so I set my at 10 for stitch length and 5 for stitch width when I gather but, you can change that to fit your machine.  Once I gathered it, I folded it in half to find my center and also folded my pants in half, making a crease to mark the center of each piece. Then I took the peplum and attached it to the waistband seam and basted it on my pants. {see photos} I'm very visual so I tried to take oodles of photos along the way so you can achieve your own Jasmine!


{this photo is showing your side seams are finished and now your ready to press your casings} Once the peplum is on, fold over your nice crisp hem and sew around leaving a 2" gap for inserting your elastic. Remember to not be a little speedster when sewing this part or you and your little seam ripper will become best friends because your peplum will pucker up and you'll have a hot mess if you don't take your time. You could also attach the peplum to the top rather than the pants, but I think they look adorable this way!


{ photos shown step by step attachment of the peplum: another helpful tip I learned from Amy of Brownie Goose is to mark your elastic on each side and match them up when your elastic is all inserted this makes it so you don't have twisted elastic! Because let's be honest.... No one wants that!!}

The Harem pants instructions will show you how you can fold your points down which is what I did.  I included the button because love that little touch, this would be a great spot for a jewel or other element of 'bling'. Once your waistband is in you'll do your leg casings. The elastic adds a nice puff at the bottom. I had an idea after I was done about knit ribbing on the bottom instead of elastic casing - if you decide to try it that way, share a picture with me, I'd love to see how it turns out.  The elastic is nice since you can pull the pants up to the knee and it creates a beautiful puffy effect or keep the pants long and flowy.
Congratulations, you've now completed you Harem inspired Jasmine pants.


Now... To the top! This is where we get the modesty issue. I was able to modify the LLK Aria to a peasant top.  Now... This took some time, and I made many mistakes.  I sewed without measuring twice, so be a good little seamstress not a naughty one like me! I went with the original measurements of the pattern and just added the proper length so that it worked for my daughter's torso.  That measurement will change depending on your child's size. You can either measure them from shoulder to low hip, or use one of their shirts as a guide and you will be good to go. The Aria is beautifully written, you won't be sorry you bought this pattern. I love how you can change it up in so many different ways to achieve different final products.  I'm thinking about making my next one 3/4" or long sleeves - how cute and perfect would that be for those who live where Halloween night is extra chilly. Here in Utah we get either rain or snow every Halloween.

Once I had my pieces cut, which are rectangles, you take your one small printed cut out piece and create your arm holes. Best idea ever!!  I decide to shirr instead of making elastic casing. You can do whatever you would like. I did 5 rows of shirring around neck and 3 around the arms. I decided last minute to sew around the bottom using 3 rows of shirring which made it perfect with the pants.

{showing the sleeves inserted into the bodice I used a sheer sleeve the sky is the limit with your fabric choices. You could use overlays, mix up satin with woven, there is no wrong way } 

Oh my goodness, can you hardly stand it, you are finished... unless you want to add a fun v shaped belt around the waist! 

To created one, I took 4"x SW which was more then plenty for my mini tot. I then folded my band in half and cut a triangle shape going nearly all the way to the edge which once opened created my v shape. I'm sure you can do this many ways this just worked for me. If you find a better way let me know I love learning new tricks and tips every single day!


I then took my two pieces RST sewed along the long side and v shape took my pinking shears and trimmed away my excess.   I used 1/2"SA, turned to the right side, and then ironed my belt.  I folded the short sides in  and then top stitched all the way around. I used velcro to close the belt by stitching two segments of velcro to the short ends. You can also hot glue some fun princess sparkle gems to add another personal touch to your costume.

 Well you ladies who make your own Jasmine deserve a round of claps and high fives, I hope you have just as much fun as I did creating this costume. Thank you so much!