Make your own Coloring Book Stockings

It seems like the new Ikea TIDNY fabric, AKA coloring book fabric, is all the rage these days. Sadly, there's no Ikea near me, and there isn't one near our guest blogger from Canada either, but necessity is the mother of invention, so Jeanine came up with an awesome solution! Check out her cute DIY Coloring (or colouring as everyone else in the world spells it!) Book Stockings.

Hello all! My name is Jeanine Thomlinson and today I have a tutorial for you using the Pattern Revolution FREE Stocking Pattern!

I want to show you how you can make your own colouring book fabric! Yes, you read that right - this is a total DIY project! As an added bonus this is also an easy project and none of the materials needed are expensive or fancy! I'll also show you how to make your stocking reversible in this tutorial as well - a little bonus for all you lovely sewists :)

For this project you will need 
  • transfer paper  
  • twill or light canvas to cut at least one side of your stocking out of (I used twill, but I had to be much more careful with my pen  lingering in one spot than I would have been had I been able to find a light canvas)
  • a colouring page printed off the good old internet or from a colouring book
  • a regular pencil
  • a black fabric marker  
Cut the all the stocking pieces as indicated on the pattern., just make sure that at least one side of the stocking you use twill/canvas. Also note that you might be able to skip the interfacing depending on the weight of your twill/canvas. I skipped the interfacing on my stockings.

Here is a close up of my transfer paper:

Now that you have everything cut out and supplies gathered it is time to get to work!

Lay your stocking down, and put your transfer paper on top of it. Double check to make sure that you have it facing the right way so you don't trace your whole picture only to discover nothing traced - that is a VERY frustrating experience! 

Then put your colouring page picture on top and tape the picture stocking and floor/table together. The tape helps prevent shifting :)

Now you will trace over the image (or parts of) that you would like transferred to the stocking. The harder you press the pencil when you trace the darker the transfer will be. As you can see (poorly) below the transfer can get quite light if you don't keep a good pressure on your pencil.

Now go over your traced lines with your black fabric pen. If you discover there are some things you would like to skip, that is ok, this transfer stuff comes right out !

Now sew the outers and linings together only leaving the hole at the top open for both the outer and "lining".

Once you have them sewn, put your stocking lining and outer together with WRONG SIDES FACING! Sorry to shout at you there, but I really needed that part to stand out. If you want your stocking reversible this is how you go about it!

See, right side up and right side visible on the inside as well. and a piece of vintage trim if you are lazy like me and didn't feel like making a loop to hang the stockings.

Now starting at the heel end center fold both the outer and "lining" in to each other about 1/4 inch or so, as seen below, and pin. I always start at the heel center seam so I remember to add the loop. You just continue to go around the stocking top folding under and pinning.

Once you have it all pinned around you sew along the top, a close to the edge topstitch, making sure that everything stays lined up tidy on the edge and your folds stay in place.

And now you have completely reversible stockings with a fun colouring book side to them!

PS. For the name letter stars I simply traced a cookie cutter, used my fabric marker on a bit of twill tape (or leftover twill/canvas would work better) and sewed the name twill on, then I sewed around the star, wrong sides together, stuffed through a small hole I left open and sewed the hole shut adding in a bit of string in as I sewed it shut.

A bit "rustic" looking, but I love them! Plus now my girls will know which stocking to pull off the wall!

Thanks so much Pattern Revolution for having me here to share this tutorial with your readers! And feel free to pin away! I'd love to see pics of stocking you create, feel free to post them in the Pattern Revolution facebook group!