Sweet Caroline on the Boardwalk, that Lucky Girl!

We have our friend Jessica back with another smashing mashup. It is so fun (and economical) to take patterns you already have and mix and match them with other designs to create a totally different look! Today Jessica is working patterns from Little Lizard King and Hailey Bugs Closet, and guess what? Both designers are offering a sale code and a giveaway! Get the Sweet Caroline from Little Lizard King for $6 today using the code mashup and us the code mashup for 25% off the Boardwalk and everything else in the Hailey Bugs Closet until Dec 31st, 2013. Enter to win below!



Hi!  It's Jessica from Snickerdoodle Stew, here to share my latest pattern mashup!

When I first saw the Boardwalk dress from Hailey Bugs Closet, I was IN LOVE!  I knew that with the cooler weather coming, I had to mash this skirt up with something with sleeves.  I also knew that I wanted something a little more special than your everyday peasant dress too, so when Little Lizard King released their Sweet Caroline (cue Mr. Diamond...), I knew that I had found a match made in heaven!

I may or may not have been singing this song since I started planning this project.

I'm often known for my soft and earthy color schemes in my outfits (hello...snickerdoodles!) so I really wanted something fun and colorful, since I knew I would be designing these for the fall and winter months.  I went with the gorgeous Lucky Girl line from Jennifer Paganelli (aka JPags in among my sewing friends) and let me tell you, these pictures just do not do justice to the vibrant tones of navy, sky blue, emerald, and fuchsia.  The day we shot these photos, it was so gloomy, but the colors just made these girls come to life!  It also helps that I have an an amazingly talented friend at Rebecca Laurel Photography.  Our girls had so much fun together!

I did a double swap: I exchanged one bodice for the other and really didn't change much as far as the patterns go.  The only challenge with this mashup was that the Boardwalk has this fabulous, blocked circle skirt, and no gathering.  So the bodice of the Sweet Caroline had to be a super close fit for it to work.  I did add a small pleat on each side of the skirt to accommodate for the smaller bodice.  The original bodice on the Boardwalk is knit and the Sweet Caroline skirt is gathered, so they paired together flawlessly.

Here is the Sweet Caroline bodice paired with the Boardwalk skirt.  I added a center ruffle to the bodice and lengthened the sleeves.  I also swapped ric rac for the piping.  You can see just a bit of hot pink peeking out of the seams.

And here is the Boardwalk bodice with the Sweet Caroline Skirt.  I added a ruffle to the bottom hem.

Enter to win a copy of both patterns below!