Laugh Your Way into the New Year with our Blooper Reel!!!

We have such an amazing team of talented ladies who help us with reviews and content here at Pattern Revolution.  While you may think we are all the epitome of skill and wisdom, we want to show you that we are just HUMAN and share some of our funny bloopers of 2013.

The 'beautiful' faces:

The Best Screaming:

The Greatest 'moments':

The Best Sibling Love:

Best Paparazzi Avoidance:


We'll be sharing some of our favorites posts of 2013 throughout the week, so make sure to check back in and tell us what some of your favorites sews or favorite failures of 2013 have been!!!

Thank you so much for sharing our passion for sewing, and huge hugs as we head into the new year - Happy 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit and HUGE THANKS to : Becca Duval Photography, Suzanne Winter Photography, Crystal Motes, Sarah Unthank, Jeanine Thomlinson, Robin Hill, Nichole Akre, Kara Orr,  Trisha Parker, Janet Herndon, Crystal Dekker, Raedene Averitt,  and Kari Steiger.