The Night Before Christmas Day 5: Movies & Trimming the Tree

It is Day Five of our series.... today we get to share another great pajama pattern from our affiliate Blank Slate Patterns, and a second glance at the Pajama Party PJ's by Fishsticks Designs - and this time for a TWEEN girl! I love that Fishsticks strives to bring such a large range of sizes to the market, so grab this one if you have a tween through size 14.

Do you have a favorite tradition from those that have been shared so far or do you have a favorite tradition that hasn't been shared???  I think I am 100% stealing Crystal's tradition in today's post.... and while I am at it, I'll take those pajamas too... and switch out my tornado children for her adorable ones... I don't think she'll notice.

Here are Crystal and Melissa to share their creations and traditions...


Hi there! I am Crystal from Stitched by Crystal and I am so excited to be here to share one of my favorite holiday traditions with you (and some super cute PJs too)!

When I was growing up, my sister and I had a tradition where every year we would pick one night in December to sleep in the living room by the Christmas tree.  We would grab our sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets, load up on junk food, and pull out all of our Christmas movies.  Then we would stay up way past bedtime chatting, watching movies, and eating candy canes with the magical glow of the Christmas tree in the background.

It was one of the best nights of the year!  I am excited to continue the tradition this year with my kids.

Of course, my tradition included movies on VHS and betamax tapes but my kids will be getting DVDs and Netflix.  And while we are changing things up, I think I may add new jammies to the tradition!  How fun would it be to make my kids new PJs every year for their movie night?  And how cute are these Lazy Day PJ's by Blank Slate Patterns.

I was thrilled to find a pattern that would work well for both my boy and my girl.  I love the traditional look of these PJs and the piping adds the perfect pop of red!  When you make these PJ's make sure to double check your length, these are super long in both the pants and the sleeves.  The pattern includes the finished inseam length so check it against some pants that fit your little one, they are a real pain to shorten after the cuffs go on.

Now go make some PJs and start a movie night tradition in your house this year!


Hi! I'm Melissa (of Sassy Fras) & I had the pleasure of sewing up the Fishstick Designs Pajama Party PJs for my tween. 
Finding something that is a hit with a tween can be a challenge, but these met her approval (so much so that she didn't take them off & slept in them after the photos were taken!) I sewed up a size 12 for my almost 12 year old & the fit was great - a little long in the arms, but we're a little on the short side at the moment (the next growth spurt will fix that!)

   They're perfect for a boy or girl, and come in a nice extended size range. You can do buttons or snaps on the front (I chose snaps). And it is always fun to have a pattern that lets you explore and play with coordinating fabrics.

 In our house, we seem to have lots of little traditions - ones that we've kept from our parents, grandparents & great grandparents, passed down through the generations. And ones we've created on our own to make memories within our immediate family. Some of our most special ones happen closer to Christmas & therefore couldn't be displayed in this post...The one that my kids love: we all pile in the mom-van & go look at Christmas lights around town, and then to a HUGE outdoor display a 20 min drive away. One that is special to me is making my grandmother's pfeffernusse recipe (her family was Danish - and if you haven't had it, results are about 50/50 on whether you'll love or hate it - my kids are NOT fans, but part of the process is rolling out dough, which is similar enough to playdough that they think it's fun) Again, not created for the shoot because if I'm the only one in the house that eats them, I do NOT need to polish off the entire batch - they'll be made right before Christmas Eve so we can share with extended family. Something that is MY "tradition" is "letting go" during the holiday season. Someone has to be an under-achiever. It's a work in progress. No perfectly wrapped presents under the tree, I'm the mom who is hurrying to wrap at midnight on Christmas Eve - and I'm ok with that. Sugar cookies get made, with help from the kids, so they're delicious, yet sloppy (let's face it, even without the kids helping, they'd still be sloppy!) And, I'd love to have the picture perfect, photo shoot ready tree where all the ornaments color coordinate. This is our tree....

 And this is why.....

 It's about the making memories, not the perfection - which I try to carry over into everyday life, and sewing! This pattern is a quick sew some details that give a final look more involved than what it is - so it fits my life. Little brother will have his sometime by Christmas...or New Year's...or...any other "under achiever" moms or those whom life gets in the way know what I'm talking about! So whether your Christmas is picture perfect or more like this:


Wishing you all the best this holiday season!