The Night Before Christmas Day 6: Classic Christmas & Decorating the Tree

Welcome back!  Today is day SIX of our fun series!  We have holiday traditions, adorable photos, and of course adorable Pajamas.  We are featuring the lovely Beautiful Dreamer nightgown by Ellie Inspired. (Our friends to the South will be happy to see that it has options for flutter sleeves along with long sleeves).  And we are also featuring the Winter PJ's by our Affiliate Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. (Those in warmer parts of the globe should check out the Summer PJ's - they would look adorable in a Christmas Knit).

I'll leave you in the very capable hands of Stephanie from Sew-Van-Tastic, and Victoria of BabyLoveDesigns...


Happy Holidays! I'm Stephanie from Sew Van-Tastic and I wanted to share some of my favorite things about the holiday season with you guys!

When I think about Christmas traditions, some of the first things that come to mind are hot cocoa, cookies, decorating the tree, reading stories, and sweet pajamas. 

There are so many directions you can go with Christmas pajamas. From loud and bright to soft and classic. Generally, my style is a little bit on the obnoxious cheerful side. I like bright colors and unicorns and anything that catches your attention.

We recently just moved and I decided it was a good time to redecorate our living room. I've been in a bit of a vintage soft and girly phase. Silver and antique mirrored finishes with touches of dusty rose. Naturally, I'm feeling a little bit more classic with our Christmas style this year. The Beautiful Dreamer Nightgown from Ellie Inspired was the PERFECT fit for the feel I'm going for this Christmas.

I don't know what's sweeter than a little girl in a soft pink nightgown. I got this adorable fabric from my FAVORITE fabric shop, One Red Blossom Fabrics. It's the perfect shade of pink, so soft, and has little subtle Scottie Dogs all over it! I'm just totally digging it!

 I added a sweet eyelet lace ruffle at the bottom and opted for the angel sleeve. (This pattern has three sleeve options! Wow!)

I can't wait to see my girl on Christmas morning coming down the stairs in this super sweet nightgown! Until then, we will enjoy sipping cocoa, making cookies, and reading stories.

I hope that your holidays are filled with as much joy as ours!




When I was asked to write about my family’s holiday traditions, I honestly got a little nervous. I never really looked at it as having traditions, but in hindsight, I see that we actually did have quite a few. When I think back on my family’s Christmas festivities, I remember a lot of love and laughter. I remember the large family reunion party a week before Christmas, the traditional Ukrainian home cooked dinners on Christmas Eve made by my mom, grandmother and aunt, the marathon of holiday movies I watched until I feel asleep on the sofa waiting for Santa, then waking up Christmas morning to a generous amount of gifts under the tree.I could always tell which ones my grandmother had wrapped because it was either just tissue paper, non holiday wrapping paper, or not enough paper on the sides. I remember the excitement and me shaking the boxes before I opened them. Always thinking I could guess what was inside. As an only child, my favorite tradition was my mom letting only me decorate the Christmas tree. She still to this day leaves the tree undecorated until my husband and I come to town. It's something I have always loved doing and remember stepping back when I’m done to admire my masterpiece. I plan to continue this tradition with my daughter, Milania. She is only two, so we did a little practice run on a miniature tree and captured some memories along the way.

 Wearing special pajamas for Christmas never caught on in my household when I was growing up but after this series I think we are adding a sweet new tradition to our new little family.

 My little lady is wearing her mommy made knit pajamas using the Winter PJ's by Peek A Boo Pattern Shop. I have ONLY had this pattern since last year and it was about time I put it to use. It was a quick sew(cut and sewn during a naptime) and fit perfectly!  Even my little Miss Picky wore them proudly. To top it off, it's a gender neutral pattern!

I did add a little ruffle skirt to the bottom of the top(instead of just hemming as instructed in the pattern tutorial) because I felt it needed a girly touch...and because I will pretty much add a ruffle to anything I can get my hand on. Thank goodness I had a girl!

To do this cute little skirt add on: Just cut a 5"x double the wide of the bottom hem circumference strip. Sew the two short ends together. Gather until the ruffle fits the bottom of the shirt(Right sides together). I did a zigzag stitch to attached the two (since I use a lot of pin) and then serged right over the zigzag stitch to secure it in place. Flip the skirt down and that is it!!!

Don't children make the holidays magical again?

I look forward to continuing old and starting new tradition. I hope this inspires you all to do the same.

Happy Holiday...Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year!

Pattern: Winter PJ's by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.
Fabric from here.
Photography by BabyLoveDesigns