Birth of a Revolution

Welcome to our brand spankin' new page Pattern Revolution! You're going to love it here, I promise! If you already love to sew, or are just learning, Pattern Revolution is the place to be! This page is supported by a collaborative, a group of independent PDF pattern designers who write and sell PDF sewing patterns.

Why a Revolution?

Do you remember having one of these?
My kids wouldn't even know what that is.

That's because it's from an old way of life, one that doesn't exist anymore here in America. A technological revolution blew this device off the map. While it once served as the most important mode of suddenly lost its usefulness as society moved onward. 

Sometimes the old way of doing things just doesn't work anymore. Society changes, and systems that once worked are suddenly defunct. People change, needs change, technology changes.

Historically speaking, almost all women were taught how to sew sitting at their mamas' knees. Sewing was a regular daily  task, an important skill every young girl needed to know, but as women entered the workforce and clothing became a manufactured item rather than a handmade one, their girls lost the opportunity they once had to learn the craft. It's rarely taught in schools now, and few other opportunities exist for women to learn to sew without the expense of paying for private lessons. 

Most women learning to sew today are self taught, fueled by a constant stream of visual inspiration on Pinterest and other social media sites, but traditional paper sewing patterns fail them. Often, they start by selecting an "easy" sewing pattern from their local craft store, only to have their hopes of creating something beautiful  be dashed by their inability to interpret poorly written instructions, small line drawings in grey-scale  and sewing lingo they've never even heard of before. Paper pattern publishers just don't get it. They don't understand the needs of the modern sewist, or what to do to meet them, so they keep on publishing  more of the same and catering to an aging customer base that is shrinking daily. 

That's the reason for the 

Our designers have worked hard to write clear and straightforward patterns for unique designs and deliver them in a readily accessible format.  Their patterns, which are published in PDF format, are not like traditional paper patterns. They include clearly written, step by step instructions with pictures that make it easy for women to be successful. They can be purchased and downloaded instantly without having to go to a store; they are delivered electronically through email and can be read on computers, tablets and phones that have a PDF reader installed, so they are accessible anywhere. You can choose to print, only the pattern pieces, or the entire instruction booklet. Even experienced seamstresses, who can use paper patterns with ease, are switching to PDFs because they are so user friendly and offer such a wide variety of designs. 

Are you ready to Join the Revolution?

Here we go!!!!!