Sewing to Rebuild: Updates from Week One

To say I stand here AMAZED is an understatement... but maybe that means that I simply underestimated the determination and desire of the average mom with a sewing machine to get involved, to go beyond, to give LOVE.

Today marks the passing of one week since the Tornadoes devastated the town of Moore, OK.  Less than a week has passed since we dreamed up and decided to launch 'Sewing to Rebuild'.  In that time we have seen love pour out from mama's around the United States and world wide, from designers willing to give of their profits by donating patterns for people to sew, by the American Sewing Guild who found out about our efforts through a blogger, and yes to Bloggers and social media tweeters and pinners who have made sure that this message reached far and wide!

In this short time, we have 212 images in the Flickr group... I say images, because many entries represent more than one garment or bag.  Not only did we blow our original goal of 100 out of the water, we doubled it in less than a week.  How high can we shoot for now ladies?!?!?!

Here is a small sampling of what is pouring into the flickr page:

Outfit for Boys from the ever generous HopefulThreads

Superhero Shorts from Astrid Novak of SIGnature Creations

Dress by Ali's Cottage (she donated 31 dresses on DAY ONE!!!)

Much needed bags from Peanut's Boutique

Adorable baby tank from Roxanne Flores

Dresses from Robin Hill of Pattern Revolution

Girl's Outfit from BeaverTales

Squirrel Romper from Little Loves Photography

Seriously go check out the flickr group and your heart will grow three sizes today!!!

Now for some Seriously Awesome SHOUT OUTS:

-Thank you to Hopeful Threads for interrupting your normal blog posting schedule to get the word out to so many people.  Reading through your blog puts a smile on my face!

-Thank you to Shannon of Little Kids Grow, whose blog post about our efforts garnered the attention of the American Sewing Guild in OK and thus the National level of the American Sewing Guild.

-Thank You to Astrid Novak of SIGnature Creations!  Not only has she personally sewn a dozen or more items for this effort; she has gotten her group of sew alongers to sew an extra version of her Susie Skirt in toddler sizes to send on to OK!

-Thank You to Angelyn Bennett of Green Style Creations for risking the wrath of her mailman in accepting and distributing all of these amazing packages - the first one arrived to her house on Friday!!!  And don't be afraid of sending too many - she assures me that she has a large house ;o)

A Few Reminders:

-You have until June 21 to submit your items to the flikr group and get 'em in the mail!

-Feel free to use these tags to send a little note of love to the child receiving your garment

-We always need more items for boys as well as both genders in the larger sizes

-Bags, backpacks and suitcases are in desperate need as people have nowhere to store their belongings

-Although it is summer now, the rebuilding process will take MONTHS, clothing for all seasons are being accepted.

-Upload your snapshots to the flickr group, this is your entry for the giveaways and we'll do a few features each Monday.

Speaking of giveaways.... we'll be highlighting some of our amazing sponsors and what they would like to give back to YOU next Monday.

*if you are interested in donating a prize, please contact me directly at if you have not done so already!