Sewing To Rebuild: Five Days Left!!!

If you are anything like me, you might be a bit of a procrastinator.  You want to get involved and do things, but you need that looming deadline to get your butt in gear ;o)  I have thus far only finished one garment for STR - a pair of bubble shorts.  But I am going to remedy that this week!!!  I have a tunic top almost done, two pairs of shorts cut, a pair of bloomers to go with the top cut, and a dress cut.  And my plan is to get them ALL finished at put in the mail this week!!!  So what do you have on your cutting table??? Remember that the deadline for Flickr entries for the THANK YOU prizes from our sponsors is June 21.  But if this month has been hectic, we understand - Angelyn will be accepting packages for as long as they trickle in... so if you can't make the deadline - still consider sewing up a little something to send some love to those in need!

If you need more information - click HERE to get the mailing address, printable labels, and answers to many of your questions!

So as of this morning, there are 360 Images in the flickr group - you might think that means things have slowed down, but just wait!!!  ONE entry was for SIXTY - yep, 6-0 - items.  Another image was for NINE items.  'Jeanurqu' didn't post a picture, but left a sweet message saying she sent off a box with 18 pair or shorts, 11 tops and 7 dresses - or a total of 36 items!!! Every time I see a new image I smile, when I see the combined generosity I get a little choked up. Our grand total today is 525!!! Here's a glimpse at a  few people who did NOT Procrastinate:

Mary Thompson Laws hand made each of these 9 gorgeous dressed to send! THANK YOU

What an adorable way to embellish normal jeans to make the Extraordinary! Thanks ReneeaDavis 

The boys are NOT being left out - Miller HIll Designs sent this awesome Spidey Outfit!

And this sweet outfit will make any puppy dog lover so happy!  Great work WoodenTiles.

Thank you all for your continued generosity - there are FIVE days left to sew - how many more do you think we can add to our grand total????