Sewing to Rebuild: Final Number and Thank You Prizes

Over 600 items have been sent to OK - through the flickr group and notes that were sent in I have counted 627 items that have been sent by you to sewing to rebuild!!!!  My guess is that there might even be a few more floating around out there ;o)


Thank you all!!!!

Here are our Winners (chosen by

Grand Prize One

3 Pack Pattern Bundle from Ellie Inspired

2 Pack Pattern Bundle from Fancy Schmancy Living

Washing Label PDF from Vintage Laundry

Winner: Carolyn Baker

Grand Prize Two

3Pack Pattern Bundle from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Pattern of Choice from Aivilo Charlotte Designs

Pattern of Choice from Muse of the Morning

 Winner: Go Team Wood

Grand Prize Three:

3 Pack Pattern Bundle from LilyBird Studio

2 Pack Pattern Bundle from Monkeysbug 

Poppy Maxi Dress PDF Pattern (in size range of choice) from SIGnature Creations

Winner: Twila'sSew&Sew


Each of the following people have won a PDF Pattern of Choice from the designer listed next to their name:


 rissa_is_me: Coles Corner&Creations

Miller HIll Designs: Lilac Lane

mgoff: Terra's Treasures

Ali's Cottage: LadyBug Bend

Little Loves Photography: Hailey Bugs Closet

MFC444: Tikatuly Designs

Lucy My Funny Buddy: Fishsticks

Beaver Tales: Designs by Moo

 Peanuts boutique: Lilly Giggle

 Jan Moore 23: Tulips& Edelwiess

 Baby Bird Sewing: GreenStyle Creations

 DianeMom 2: Scientific Seamstress/Sis Boom

Congratulations to ALL - PLEASE leave a comment here with your flickr name and e:mail address so that we can get you your wonderful prizes!!!