PDF Patterns are Sew Class-y

Tricia Boyer from the Little Lizard King Team is stopping by to talk about the value of PDF patterns today! I know that for me, PDFs taught me how to sew. I knew the basics, but I struggled greatly with paper patterns to learn garment construction. PDFs were the answer for me! Have PDFs taught you to sew? Let us know in the comments! 



When you buy a traditional pattern, what do you do if the instructions don’t make sense to you? When you want to take a project-based class, what happens if it conflicts with your schedule?

These things kept me from sewing for a lot longer than I wish to admit. I’m a visual learner, and when I was first learning, many of the sewing terms didn't make sense to me. I wanted to take classes, but as the mom of FIVE kids, I am constantly on the go. Shuttling kids to and from school, appointments and extracurricular activities, I just don’t have the time for a class.

PDF pattern tutorials have literally taught me how to sew. It’s like a class, but on MY terms! I can shop from thousands of patterns, not just one or two offered at my local sewing shop. Each step is illustrated with diagrams and/or pictures. When I get stuck, the pattern designers are happy to walk me through and help me troubleshoot. I can learn while my kids are in bed, without having to arrange babysitting, or fight traffic, or tote my project to and from class. I can take things at my pace instead of feeling rushed or held back.


I will admit though, I like the camaraderie of sewing *with* others. Class can be a nice social connection with other sewing enthusiasts. But with many designers hosting facebook groups, complete with sew-a-longs (some with discounted pattern sales and even prizes!), photo albums and other fun events to inspire, there are now even more opportunities to interact with my favorite designers and others who love to sew.

Best of all: the price. Even the most expensive pdf pattern tutorial is cheaper than the cheapest sewing class. You just can’t beat that. So yes, I can certainly buy a pattern on sale for a buck at the local brick and mortar store. But when I buy a pdf pattern tutorial, I know I am getting so much more. I’m getting a class in digital form and at a bargain of a price!

Don't know where to start? Check out these easy patterns for beginners, just click the photos to visit the Little Lizard King shop:


Happy Sewing!