Calling out all Leggings... A Comparative Review with Prizes for YOU!

So we know that I am starting to think ahead for fall - you can read some of my tips and top picks for creating a transitional wardrobe in THIS POST


Today I want to start the talking about Leggings - I LOVE Leggings, seriously, my daughter wore leggings almost every day of last fall and winter.  They are easier to get on and more durable than tights, they are in style (Praise the Lord!), and since they are so easy to make - I can have them to coordinate with every outfit out there! 

I have seen so many people ask about the different fit, rise and length of various leggings out there in the PDF world, and it makes sense - we all have littles with different shapes, different builds, and different likes/dislikes.  So how do we know which of the amazing patterns out there are the ones that we are going to fall in love with???

Well dear readers, that is where I am going to come in to help you.  I have gotten my hands on three different leggings from three amazing designers and I am going to do a 'Consumer Reports' style review for you.  These are all amazing patterns - so you may end up falling for them all, but hopefully I can help you choose the legging pattern that is going to fit your needs best.  

And what three legging patterns will we be taking a look at???? 

The Lollipop Leggings by Peek-a-boo Patterns

Peek-a-boo Leggings-1009a.jpg

The Petunia Petals by Lily Giggle

lilygiggle ptal pants-1001a.jpg

I have had so much fun working with these three designers on this project, and I thought you might like the chance to get to know them better.  So here is a little about each of them: 

Amy of Peek-a-Boo:

Hey I'm Amy the designer over at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop! I love to sew for my kids and I'm all about making clothing that is cute, comfy and easy to wash. Isn't that what every little kid (and mommy!) deserves? When I first met my husband his mom asked him "If she saw a sewing machine, would she know what it was?"  I think it's safe to say she no longer worries about that :)


Beth of Lily Giggle: 

I have been designing clothes since I was a wee one, passing on my fancy crayon illustrations to my amazingly talented seamstress grandma so she could make them come alive. I've had a passion for design for as long as I can remember. Crazy fact?  Hmmm...I once made a black velvet and broken mirror evening dress while back in college. I got an A but, unfortunately, it cut every model that wore it even after hours and hours of sanding down the edge of each piece of glass. Obviously, I'm not much for superstition and, fortunately, no one required stitches. I'll skip the pattern for that one.

Jodie of Jocole: 

My name is Jodi Jean and I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design with an emphasis on design and patternmaking in 2002.  Patterns have always been my passion, and in 2009 I decided to start selling pdf sewing patterns to share my designs widely with everyone. All of my patterns are designed and handmade start to finish by me.  They start out hand-drafted and are then carefully scanned and digitized into professional patterns.  Each size is clearly marked for ease of cutting. I have four very young kids who help keep things lively around here (1 boy and 3 girls).  They are my inspiration and my driving force.  They keep me on my toes and bring laughter into my life.

When my mother taught me how to sew she was running out the door to go grocery shopping.  She quickly taught me to sew a straight line and then left for an hour.  When she returned I had drafted some patterns, cut out and sewn up an entire outfit for my American Girl doll (hat, shirt and leggings).  She was stunned -- this is why I *ALWAYS* include an 18" doll pattern with ALL of my patterns.  No one was surprised when I wanted to study Fashion Design in college.  I have boxes of notebooks filled with designs and even more boxes filled with patterns that I have drafted over the years (most of which have never even been sewn up into a sample).  I spent my days drafting pattern after pattern after pattern.


And guess what - These three ladies want to give back to our readers, the sewing community that keeps them on their toes creating the next 'must have' pattern, and inspire you to sew some leggings!  So, they are each giving away a free pattern from their shop.  All YOU have to do is link up any picture of a pair of leggings that you have made from one of these three patterns.  We want to see what you have created!!!  And if you haven't made any leggings yet, grab a pattern, sew some up and then link them up!  These are all such a great quick sew.  And if you aren't quite sure which ones you want... hold out for later in the week when I share my in depth review with you.  The linky party will be open ALL WEEK!

*you can link any picture that is hosted on the internet, so upload your images to flickr, FB, or your blog and you will be all set - if you have any questions, just let us know!

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