Joining in the fun at Project Run and Play: A Remix of the Pop Over Dress by Oliver&S

If you are not already familiar with the amazing blog and competition that is Project Run and Play, you need to head over and check it out NOW... or well, once you admire the cuteness of this post ;o)
I am a huge fan of Project Run and Play especially since I was able to participate in Season 6 as a competitor.  It increased my confidence, my abilities, and is constantly stretching my creativity.  One of the things that I love most about PR&P is that the first challenge every season is to 'REMIX' a free pattern or tutorial.  This is to encourage you to think outside the box, and see the various amount of potential that lies in one simple pattern.
We are going to be sharing a whole slew of 'remixes' and 'modifications' later in the month and through October.... and beyond... but for now, I'll share with you my sew along entry for the first week of Season 7 of Project Run and Play.

The Free Remix Pattern is Oliver&S's Pop Over Dress:

And here is my version:

My daughter's nursery is Little Red Riding Hood, and the first thing my husband ever bought her was a stuffed wolf 'Wolfie'.  My first entry in my season of PR&P was the Wear-Wolf...

... and since that dress is getting too small, it was time for a new Wolfie for the cool months laying ahead.

I changed up the bodice, and shortened it to a tunic length, added width to the front for the box pleat, and of course the wolf face ;o)  I also didn't want to bows to distract from the ears, so I adapted them to tie in the back.  My chidren seem to have no knowledge of what a pocket is, or interest in them - but I love pockets, so I added some of those too.  All in all, it was a super fun remix!!!

Hello Little Girl, What's Your Rush?

You're missing all the flowers, the sun wont set for hours...

Take Your Time...

So head on over to Project Run and Play and check out all the fun... and watch out - there might just be a Big Bad Wolf cruising a neighborhood near you!