Windows 8 Pattern Printing Issues and How to Fix Them

Last week we were all dealing with the new Adobe update and the issues that created for pattern printing.  See the solution here. This week, we heard that new computers running Window 8 are causing headaches too! sometimes I feel like I just can't keep up!

Thanks goodness for techie friends, right? Here's Kymy, pattern designer and techie extraordinaire to help you get out of the woods.

Over the last few weeks more and more of my friends and blog readers have gotten new computers with Windows 8.  Besides dealing with all the other issues Window 8 has to offer, one of the biggest ones for .pdf sewing pattern shoppers/users is they included .pdf reader apps that don't allow you to check or adjust scaling options. What does that mean? Many patterns will not print properly which can make items such as a girl's dress or women's top INCHES short. After a few ladies brought the issue up, we were able to figure out what was causing their pages to print wrong AND how to fix it ;).

To figure out if your Windows 8 computer has what it needs to print properly open up a .pdf file & click print. For it to print CORRECTLY your page should look like this and you should be able to select 'Actual Size'


If not, your screen may look like this which is default .pdf printer settings for the Windows & Adobe APPS which are not quite the same as regular software. You will see even in the 'More Settings' there is no option to adjust or check scaling... it automatically fits to page which shrinks all your pieces.


If your computer is defaulting to the app versions don't worry it's a quick, free, easy fix! For step by step instructions including photos taken by Nicolette of This ‘N That By Nicolette just visit this blog post.

Kymy of Everything Your Mama Made & More!