Bye Bye Buttons! A tutorial to make life easy!

One of my favorite designs of all time has to be the cross back pinny. Vintage, classic and still cool. I made one for my daughter from a big 3 paper pattern, and was disappointed with the sizing. I made the newborn size...the first thing I sewed her while still pregnant. It ended up so huge she wore it when she was close to a year!



I also was not a fan of the buttons, so I decided to figure out how to make them disappear! I'm not one of those overly paranoid moms that worries about babies chewing off buttons or anything, I just prefer the look better without, plus it saves time dressing when you can just pull it over the head, and that's a big bonus for me because that tiny newborn has turned into a very wiggly toddler!

I was really excited to see Tikatuly Designs release their spin on this classic design, the Aurthi Reversible Pinafore. I definitely prefer PDF patterns over paper, and this version includes different neckline and hemline options than I had ever seen before in this style, plus it goes up to a size 6 and has a bonus doll pattern. This pattern is also great for layering for fall!

There is a special sale code for our fans too, so if you haven't gotten this pattern yet, you can grab it now for 20% off using the code patternrevolution through Monday September 16, 2013. Click HERE to purchase.



So, I decided to sew one up this week with my gorgeous new Patty Young fabric and write a tutorial for all of my button hating friends! You can use this tutorial for a lot of different jumper type patterns with button closures at the shoulders, not just the Aurthi. Just be sure that the pattern has enough ease to get it over your kiddo's head without it being able to open at the shoulders.



The first thing you need to do is decide what size you are making. The pattern calls for a 1/4" seam allowance, which normally I love, but in order to do this modification, you need to have a 1/2" seam allowance. You have 2 choices, size up, or rubberband 2 pencils together and trace along the pattern piece before cutting it out. When you trace the pattern, put one pencil on your cutting line, and the second pencil towards the outside of the pattern piece, and magically you will now have a 1/2 " seam allowance. Cut out your pattern. (I sized up, by the way)

Next, you need to remove the portion of the shoulder strap that would normally overlap the front of the bodice at the button hole. The pattern is marked, just trim across the top of the button hole. This will give you a little extra for seam allowance later, but wont leave your straps sagging and bodice hanging low. 


Next, mark your pattern piece as directed. I guess you could skip this step, but I tend to use the same pattern over and over again, and marking the piece is an easy reminder for me about what I need to do next time.  I leave 2" openings. 


Time to cut and pin. There are 2 layers here, placed right sides together. 


Time to sew. 


Turn it right side out and press. Be sure to tuck in your turning hole to the proper seam allowance, press, and pin the hole closed. 


Flip it over and cross your straps.  (If you are doing a different jumper, you may not need to cross your straps.)


Match up the tops of the straps. 


Time to sew the shoulder seams. 


Place your should straps over the end of your ironing board. Tuck in the seam allowance at the hole and press.


Now, all you need to do is close the openings by top stitching all the way around your garment. If you're old-school, feel free to get out the needle and thread and slip stitch that baby first; I won't hold it against you, I promise. 


That's it! You're done! Bye, Bye Buttons!!! 

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