Canaan's Incredible Blazer Tour: With Max California

Today we make our first stop over with the amazingly talented Ari of Max California.  Head over to her blog to check out her full post and amazing pictures!   And don't forget to enter below to win your own copy of the My Little Plumcake Canaan's Incredible Blazer Pattern!!!

Stick with us all week long and don't miss out on any of the stops of our Pattern Tour:

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Hello! I'm Max from Max California! I have a little boy and a little girl to sew for, which makes me pretty lucky in the sewing for kids department! Before my daughter came along there was just Vinnie, for years and years (okay like 3), and he had to bear the full brunt of my sewing for boys adventures. Adventures which I just absolutely love. I love making him cool stuff that you can't get in the shops and I really love pushing boundaries with what is suitable boyswear (I haven't found any boundaries yet!). I mean for girls you can sew a pretty dress, add a bow, add some lace. You have something nice and unique. I love sewing for Eddie, my little girl, but with boys you can't just do that. I think these days there is just so much inspiration out there that anyone who has a hard time sewing for boys needs to push themselves harder! For almost five years, I have been sewing as much as I can for Vin, and its been an awesome adventure. Of course he has an opinion on the things he likes and the things he doesn't like, and I have about an 80% success rate that if I sew something for a pattern tour then he is going to like it.

Canaan's Incredible Blazer? Success. The little dude loves it. I took a gamble on making something without asking his opinion first. He did choose the fabric though, which rules, and the batman lining was a surprise for him that he was well pleased with! It's currently blazing (ha) hot summer here in Down Under, so I made this up in a size 5. I am confident it's going to fit him so perfectly this winter!

Head over to my blog to see all the pics, as well as more info on the pattern & the finished blazer!