Halloween Extravaganza Day 6: My Little Pony Princesses

We are almost done with our week of extraordinary Halloween costumes - which means you are almost out of time to link up your costume - so GOOOOOOOOO, link up, the prizes are super fab fabric prizes that you are going to be so sad you missed out on if you don't!

Today we have some amazing costumes from Cassie inspired by My Little Ponies.   I'll admit that we have not yet entered the realm of MLP in my house, but I can still give ultra respect to these fantastic creations.   Have a little one who loves MLP - she is going to want one of these!!!!


Halloween 28

Hey there! Cassie of Lily Shine Boutique here to share with you my My Little Pony inspired costumes! Every morning (no joke) my girls wake up at 7 am, come downstairs, get their milk cups and plop down on the couch to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix. Every.Single.Morning. So when it came time to pick out their costumes for Halloween this year, I wasn't too shocked with their request to become ponies. After much debate, they settled for Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. It was perfect, because they are sisters on the show and both princesses so my competitive girls were happy. They also happen to be opposites (sun and moon), just like my two princesses that are about as different as night and day! I wanted to create costumes that were comfortable, practical and extra special. My oldest loves dresses and my youngest does best in rompers. Thankfully there are some awesome patterns out there that I combined to make the perfect My Little Pony inspired costumes!

Princess Celestia:

  celestia collage

 I have been eyeing the Sophia Maxi dress from Pink Poodle Bows Patterns since it came out and it was perfect for a Princess Celestia inspired look. I love the triple ruffle at the neckline, and felt it really gave the look of Celestia's necklace. I used a gold kona cotton from Fabric Mart for the bias neckline, straps and the neckline ruffles. I cut a diamond shape of purple sequin fabric to use as a medallion. I love the hi/low style of the Sophia Maxi, and thought it made for a perfect pony dress! I don't know about your kids, but mine like to run from house to house so having the front shorter will be great for sprinting between candy stops! I made the bottom ruffle with the same gold kona and trimmed with pastel rainbow rick rack, to mimic the gold bands around Celestia's hooves and her pastel flowing mane. Don't worry, I didn't color K's hair! It is a clip purchase from Claire's, the only non-handmade item in the costume!

Halloween 26

A unicorn costume isn't complete without a unicorn horn and pony mask! I used this awesome Unicorn Mask pattern, it sewed up so easy with the blanket stitch on my machine. The only adjustments I made to the pattern was that the neck strap was a bit long for K, so I shortened it to fit. It only took a bit of felt, some stuffing, small elastic and this really great pastel rainbow rick rack I found!

  Halloween 13  

 Princess Luna:

luna collage

There are gobs of jumpsuit patterns out there, but I wanted one with full pant options, elastic waistband and pant hems, and no tie straps. The Ash Jumpsuit by Petit a Petit Patterns was the perfect choice! It's roomy but not fussy, elastic for growing room and easy on/off, and has great options for future sewing projects. It sewed up so clean and professional, I love the neckline and arm band facing! I used a deep blue kona cotton paired with black kona accents reminiscent of Luna's mane and coat. My little girl is comfy and free to frolic between trick or treating houses! I knew she wouldn't keep on a mask, so I used the pattern piece from the Unicorn Mask Pattern and hot glued it to an elastic headband with some felt backing. Bada-boom, bada-bing, Unicorn horn!

Halloween 32

Halloween 24
 I didn't want to buy wings, because, well, I'm a craftaholic that's why! I also didn't want to mess with wire or any nonsense. I scoured google for a great wing tutorial that was simple and easy with supplies I had on hand. I came across the holy grail of My Little Pony wing patterns! It's FREE, yes you read that right! It has a printable pattern piece (amen for not having to hand draw wings, because ain't nobody got time for that). And it takes just about a yard of felt to make 2 sets of wings, a few hand-fulls of stuffing and some foe (I used plain elastic because I didn't have any white foe on hand). It was an easy peasy tutorial to follow and sewed up both sets in about one hour. The only adjustment I made was that I wanted my wings a bit larger so I scaled the pattern to 130%. Cutie Marks

Halloween 23

You probably have to be an uber MLP fan, like my kids and myself, to know what distinguishes a MLP pony from any other pony. It's their Cutie Marks- a coveted symbol that each pony earns when he/she discovers what their unique characteristic or talent is, the mark appears on their backside. Princess Celestia's cutie mark is a sunburst, with orange, melon and bright yellow coloring. Princess Luna's cutie mark is a moon with bubble shapes. I printed off an image of each cutie mark, cut out each part as a stencil and used disappearing ink marker to trace onto felt (my newest craft item obsession is disappearing ink markers!). I layered the felt pieces according to the image, and used the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine to applique. Viola! These ponies just earned their marks! I hope you enjoyed reading about the Princess Celestia and Princess Luna costumes! I look forward to seeing your pony creations, be sure to share in the linky party on the Pattern Revolution blog to win some awesome prizes!!!
"It's an easy feat.
And magic makes it all complete
You have my little ponies
Do you know you're all my very best friends?"

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