Halloween Extravaganza day 7: Princesses on Parade

We have been showing off all sorts of amazing costumes that you can create with your PDF pattern collection.  There is still time to enter your own costumes to our link up page to win one of three awesome prizes!!!

Sorry boys, today is dedicated entirely to Princesses - and there are sooooooo many awesome princesses to choose from.  If you struggle to put fabrics together, you can do what I did, and get an amazing princess kit from the Bailey Girls - the prices are perfection, the patterns are easy to sew up in an afternoon, and the fabrics are divine.  You can Check out my Snow White HERE.

And today I'm sharing my Aurora (aka: Sleeping Beauty):

This pattern is the Made for Mermaids Sleeping Beauty Pattern, and you can get the full kit HERE which includes the stunning Micheal Miller Fairy Frost line in two shades of pink and white for the shawl - I left off the shawl for these photos to show off the beauty and fit of the main dress.

Now here is Nicole showing off what she does best....if you need a ready made costume, make sure to check out her shop: Once Upon a Princess.


If you don't know me by now... I'll let you in on a little secret ssshh.....!! I am a huge Disney Princess fan if I could pull off wearing princess dresses everyday I sure would. Lucky for me I have 2 little princesses to dress up.
A lot of the princess wear you find in the store are cheaply made, itchy fabric, and lets be honest after one wash its falling apart yuck!  I'm here to show you what you can do with a few patterns and lots of Disney magic that comes from within each of you.

Let the magic begin.....

First up...Colors of the Wind {Pocahontas Inspired}
 Patterns used:
Miss. C is wearing the LLK ** I would highly recommend you add the other side tie should strap it will help with modesty issues if you are worried about that and bring up the front a little more.

 I did make slight mods to the bottom portion. I created a slight angle so I would have a pointed skirt. I stacked my two pieces together drew my line from corner to corner and then decided how drastic my angle would be. I went with just a slight angle. Everything else is stated as the fabulous directions the LLK ladies give.

Again, like I did with my LLK I created a slight angle to the bottom of my skirt. I picked out a lovely fringe to do a cheater hem ;) I used the Cleaning Cinderella pattern and left off the apron. I placed the fringe 1.5" below the seam on the shoulder and bodice and added a touch of turquoise trim I picked up at Walmart around my neckline.

Little Indian Princesses...

 "Its Coronation Day!!"

So.... I had to do Frozen something right....! I did a very simple Anna inspired coronation dress that didn't take that much time and is Miss. C favorite dress to wear.

Pattern used:

 For the skirt I cut 2.5" strips and pieced them all together. I added a gold trim around my neck line. Super easy and simple. I'll end up doing a more deluxe version down the road but, for now sweet and simple is what were are loving.
Kiss the Girl {Ariel Inspired Dresses}
Patterns Used:

Miss. B is modeling the Briar Rose pattern. Everything was made as directed in the tutorial! 

Miss C. is a modified bodice on the Snow White dress. I created an overlay as you would in the Briar Rose pattern. Just another view point if you didn't want the V shaped point at the bottom of the bodice.

Mermaids on land....

 Tale old as Time {Belle Inspired Dress}
Pattern Used:

This is the only fabric I didn't get at Joann. The main print is Fairy Frost and can be purchased at Jennifer's site here { http://www.baileygirlsfabric.com/ } This is a simply stunning and beautiful care free Belle inspired ball gown dress. I love you can have the pure essence of Belle's stunning gown but, in a more kid friendly version.  I added a rose shaped button to add that special touch.

Once Upon A Dream... {Aurora Inspired Dress}

Pattern Used:

This has become my newest favorite pattern and I love how versatile it is. Miss. C got mighty jealous when she saw the cape and Briar Rose inspired dress I made for my friends daughter and had to have her own. I changed up the color scheme and slightly darker than the other dress I made. I love the dainty lace detail on the hem.
 Pirate Fairy Zarina Inspired Dress
Hey-ho, imagine the places that we'll go. No one can stop us when we're so high in the stratosphere. Hey-ho, we'll be the frigate that plunders, every one of the world's seven wonders, when we're up in the sky, for who can fight a frigate that flies? No one can fight a frigate that flies.  
This has got to be my most favorite dress I've made. I had a dream about it and it came out pretty much as awesome as my dream...
Pattern used:

 See....Awesomeness!!! I did modify the bodice. I made it become for sweetheart by slightly curving the pattern piece I didn't really want the harsh V shape for my bodice. For the skirt, I took the idea of the Bay Dress by Amy {Brownie-Goose} and curved my skirt. I wanted to duplicate the skirt Zarina had by creating a nice curve to it. I'm extremely proud with how this came out. The white on her bodice is again, Fairy Frost I got from Jennifer {  http://www.baileygirlsfabric.com/ }
**Special thanks for some of the head pieces by JaNette of { https://www.facebook.com/MerriP0ppins } She makes the most beautiful items. Much love!!
I hope I gave you lots of fun ideas for your costumes or next trip to that happy place on Earth.