Still in need of a Halloween Costume....

Who else is like me and hit up the fabric store TODAY for last minute changes that were made to the trick or treating line up - don't be ashamed, put those hands in the air.  Whether you are a procrastinator, like working at the last minute, or have children - like mine - who decided at the last second that they want to be a super hero with a green shirt and orange boots; there are plenty of reasons to be in need of a quick and creative costume.

Today Nicole is sharing her adorable witches.  The patterns are Made for Mermaids (which if you haven't tried yet are simple, easy to follow, and have fantastic results), and the fabric and notions are all from Joanns - no need to order anything special that isn't going to come in on time!!!  Check out the adorableness, and good luck with finishing all your costumes before Halloween arrives. 


My family and I have a few Halloween traditions we do every year. One of which is Witchfest up North from where I live. It is so much fun to get all dressed up in your witchy attire and see all the decorations, taste all the amazing fall harvest foods, and have a fun girls day out.

**All my supplies came from Joann easy access to duplicate these looks. **

As you can see when we go we do it right and go all over the top. I usually end up doing tutus each year with an applique top but, this year I wanted an actual dress that was more everyday wear and with my two these dresses will get tons of love year round. Plus they will last a lot longer than my tutu tulle skirts.

Here are my cute little ones to put a spell on you with some Hocus Pocus!

These dresses are extra special as in every single print, trim, and style was all chosen by my girls. It was so much fun to see them light up as with each stich the dress came together more. They kept wanting to add and add I finally had to say no!!

For Bella's: I used Rapunzel for the Bodice construction, Cinderella for the peplums, and the skirt was creating using the Fairytale dress. {This is my favorite skirt bottom for fairies!! } For her skirt I found this product very helpful to spray on the circle portion so I could be pin free

For trims I find this product helpful as well and would highly recommend purchasing it next time your picking up supplies at your local craft shop.

For Clara Mae's: I used Briar Rose for the bodice, Tiana for the peplum, for the skirt I Tiana as well I also did a sheer overlay and a split skirt underneath that. She wanted to be over the top and she certainly is. Clara Mae is very short so I took my overlay bunched it up and pinned it in the center point on the peplum and stitch it in place I repeated the process on the back.

 {Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into one of my favorite Halloween tradition and loved the witch costumes I was able to create. I love that these can be worn and played in all the time. }