Creating a Fall Wardrobe: Start with a List

Hello dear readers.  This is the first time in a while that I didn't do a fall 'Operation Project $0'.  I started Project $0 on my personal blog Winter Wonderings as a way to cloth my quickly growing children without breaking the bank.  I started sewing for my family using only upcycled items and fabric donated by friends and family; a few years later I have access to some gorgeous fabrics, but I still love upcycling - not only to save money, but also because it means access to fashion fabrics I might not be able to find or afford at a store.

So no Project $0 this year, but I did make a fall wardrobe for Mack using a combination of upcycled items, awesome fabrics, and some killer hand-me-downs from friends.  I hope that you find inspiration in this series to 1. sew any and everything for your kiddos, 2. see that sewing doesn't have to be a huge expense, and 3. see how you can create some phenomenal outfits by mixing a piece you already own with some newly created items for a whole new vision.

So how did I start?

Well I started with a List.... I went through Mack's closet, weeded out all the things that were too small or just for summer and took a look at what was left.  Now my girl has had a MAJOR growth spurt over the summer leaving her without much in the 'fitting' range.  She also has hit that awkward point of not fitting in store bought pants because she is 2 and wears a diaper but needs a size 4 which are no longer cut for diapers, and for some inexplicable reason have a super low rise!?!?!?!?  Any way - I had quite a list:

Fall/Winter for Mack:

  • Tunics:
  • 1. Belinda (Go To)
  • 2. Talulah (I&I)
  • 3. Amy Dress (MCT)
  • Jeans:
  • 1 Small Fry Skinnies (x2)
  • 2. Pattern Emporium Cargos
  • Leggins (Jocole)
  • 1. Black
  • 2. Navy
  • 3. Pink&Yellow
  • 4. Feather
  • 5. Silver
  • Tops:
  • 1. Rose Ruffle Top (M4M - x2)
  • 2. Z's Tee (Tie Dye Diva)
  • 3. Tee x 3 (Blank Slate Patterns)
  • Outerwear:
  • 1. Hide n Go Seek Hoodie (Fishsticks)
  • 2. Astra Cardi (MHC)
  • 3.Pea Coat

The great thing about a list is that it allows you to see exactly what you need and pair up patterns you have really been wanting to make and already own!

Once you have a list, you need fabric and time to sew - ughhhhh time to sew ;op  Luckily I had a friend gift me with a free morning by watching Mack while the boys were in school - it is amazing how much you can accomplish when there are NO children in the house!!!!

1. Floral Skinnies 2. M4M Aurora Dress 3. Aster Cardigan(upcycle) 4. Rose Ruffle (M4M) 5. Jocole leggings (x3)

1. Floral Skinnies 2. M4M Aurora Dress 3. Aster Cardigan(upcycle) 4. Rose Ruffle (M4M) 5. Jocole leggings (x3)

I'll be sharing Mack's Fall looks throughout the week.  I hope you enjoy!!!!