Halloween Extravaganza Day 4: Some Very COOL Characters

I hope you are enjoying all of our fun creations this week - don't forget to link up your own costume creations for a chance to win some great prizes.

Today we have some very COOL characters to share: The Queen of the Cold, Elsa; the man who placed super heroes into history, Hercules; and the coolest aviator of the 80's, Top Gun's Maverick.

Here are JaNette and Andrea to show off the coolest costumes to rock this year....


Hi everyone! It's JaNette from Merri Poppins!  Isn't it funny how kids get stuck on a certain costume for Halloween?  I can understand Jenna wanting to be Elsa, it's popular.  There will be so many Elsa's at your door this Halloween that you will loose count.


But my son on the other hand, decided early on he was going to be Hercules!  There was no second guessing and we could not talk him out of it.

Elsa was an easy-peasy solution!  I used Izzy & Ivy's Emory (one of my favorite patterns) and made some minor changes.  First I cut the skirt with the band finished measurements as one.  Second, I cut a small triangle out of the fabric on the fold of the bodice.  Third, after sewing up the bodice, I attached the soft side of the Velcro to the back of the sleeves for the detachable cape.

Fabric is Michael Miller Fairy Frost

Fabric is Michael Miller Fairy Frost

For the cape, I cut my fabric 25" by the length of the fabric.  I serged all of the sides then stitched the silver ribbon on the boarder of 3 sides (2 longest and 1 short).  I gathered the short side without ribbon to the width of the Velcro on the sleeves. Stitched a piece of silver ribbon over the gather to hold it in place.  Finished up by attaching the Velcro to the underside of the cape.

Elsa was sewn in a flash!!!  Now onto Hercules......

I used Ollie & Annie's Isabella bodice with changing the neckline slightly to a wide "V" shape. I also added the gold ribbon trim to the front of the bodice.  


The bottom skirt portion is Violet Field Thread's Whitney skirt. I added a wide "belt" and circle medallion to connect the bodice and skirt. It's topstitched in gold thread keeping with the Greek God look. I really didn't have a clue that mashing these two patterns would work as well as they did.  I was ecstatic that they went together without any issues!!! 

The cape I drafted myself.  Hercules has a very unique almost diamond shape cape.  I measured the distance between the buttons I attached to the shoulder seams and went from there.  I cut two mirror images on the fold, stitched them together, turned them right side out and topstitched.  Viola! My first cape!


The wrist cuffs are actually the free Cozy pattern from Create Kids Couture.  I only cut the pleather down to his wrist size and added a button and button hole.  The headband was a piece of the pleather folded in half and attached to fold over elastic to his head measurements. Sandals, sword and shield were bought at Target!   I'm crafty but NOT that crafty! I hope you enjoyed seeing Jenna as an Ice Queen and Patrick as a Greek God...until next time...



Hi it's Andrea again, I'm still fairly new in the PR crowd but am loving the opportunity to be involved with these super talented women, ok so I feel like I'm a little out of my depth at times but the Pattern Revolution girls are such a source of inspiration. When I heard about the opportunity to design some costumes for Halloween I jumped at the chance - unfortunately Halloween is not really celebrated here in Australia but t is getting bigger every year. 

 As soon as i saw Terra's Treasures P51 Flyer jacket in the recent boys bundle i immediately thought 'Maverick costume'. Ok wait, wait, wait do me a favour, right click, open in a new tab and press play
 and then come back to me......ok lets pretend all the Tom Cruise 'strangeties' (yes i know thats not a real word) of recent years don't exisit and lets go back to Tom Cruise of the 80's.

I  first watched Topgun when I was about 11. I  remember Mum and Dad going out for the evening and leaving me with a baby sitter who told me we were going to watch Topgun. Having lived a relatively sheltered childhood I had no idea what it was and Im pretty sure that it was the first 'grown up' movie that I had watched......(Apart from an unfortunate incident where my Grandad had found a movie in a thrift shop with the word 'Candy' in it and assumed it was for children.....it was not, ahem :) ) I loved it and have lost count how many times I have watched it and still shed a tear when (spoiler alert)  Goose dies.

 Back to my costume, its pretty self explanatory, take one leather jacket,a pair of jeans and one sexy boy 'voila' Maverick.  Ok it wasnt quite that simple.  I wanted to use real leather but decided to use its cheaper cousin 'pleather' for my first attenpt. A cosy polar fleece for the bodice lining (a prospect that is actually looking rather unpleasant, at the start of what is goung to be a horribly hot summer)  and a basic poplin to line the sleeves.  The diagonal zip seems to be all the rage at the moment, making appearences in all the 'big name' boys clothing ranges in stores.   My Dad was a military man back the day serving both the British and Australian airforces, so I had a fair selection of badges to choose from to decorate the jacket. At one point the thought crossed my mind to make my own on my embroidery machine but seeing as I am only going to get this review out to you lovely readers with minutes to spare ....I decided  against that.  It is not a terribly extravagant costume but I think it's a great way for boys who don't like to get involved with costume events to 'dress up'. The jacket is awesome and will serve well as an everyday, yet super cool option.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will be jumping back a few decades from the 80's to the 40's and bringing you my version of a film about a search for a rather expensive bird ;)