Halloween Extravaganza Day 3: The Wonderful World of Disney

Disney Costumes are always popular with kids - they know the movies, they know the characters, they want to be that princess... or scampering mouse.  The great thing with these movies, is that characters often have more than one memorable costume - sure there is that ball gown that you can find in every costume shop, but with a little imagination and ingenuity; you cans till capture your child's favorite movie characters and not look exactly the same as 20 other kids trick or treating in your neighborhood.

Today we'll show you a few of our Disney inspired creations, and there will be plenty more coming as the week goes on!  Here are Carrie and Nicole to share Cinderella in Rags and Guss Guss, Ariel on land, and Briar Rose.

Make sure to link up all your costume creations for a chance to win some very cool prizes in our Halloween Extravaganza!!!


One of my favorite things growing up was getting to sit at the fabric shop with my mom to help pick out a pattern for my Halloween costume. Every year we would look through the books and decide on anything from a cheerleader to Snow White to matching Daddy/Daughter penguin outfits. That is one of the reasons I love being able to make costumes for my daughter and this year my son. It’s so fun to sit down and hear about all the things she wants to dress up as. This year there’s a few firsts that really made a difference in our choices – its our first time going to Disney for Halloween so we had to pick something that was a bit off the beaten path since we can assume there will be 1001 Elsa and Anna’s. Its also the first year to dress up little brother too, so it had to be something we could coordinate (as well as mom and dad but those aren’t quite done yet) and it’s the first year I’ve finished before October 30th so I get to share with all of you!!

We decided on Cinderella, but not in her traditional blue ball gown--we chose her rags instead.  For the dress I chose the Peek-A-Boo Perfect Peasant Dress.   All the fabrics are just solid broadcloth making it a super affordable costume that can easily be moved into the dress-up bin after Halloween.   I adjusted the sleeves just a bit by cutting them at a ? length and leaving out the elastic.   The apron is made using the sash measurements in the pattern and I've added a full tutorial here for both the apron and scarf.

For a little added touch my friend Heather at M&M Creations made this sweet appliqued patch that I was able to iron on with 3 of Cinderella's mice.

Our Cinderella entourage just wouldn’t be complete without Gus Gus (I tried to convince hubby to be Jack but that was a no go so we are short one mouse…).

For my little guy's costume, I needed something that would be comfortable and easy to get undone since we will be in costumes for a good 5-6 hours.   I chose the Fishsticks Designs Austin Lee Coverall and Romper.  This gave me the perfect base to add our stuffed belly.  


I did make a small change so that we wouldn’t have the bulk of the lapstyle neck (which is the only option for newborn-12m). After I cut the pieces out I trimmed off the points (see pic below) and then followed the directions for the 12m+ tee style neck in the pattern.
For the belly, I cut a ‘U’ shaped piece that was about an inch wider than my front piece that would start a few inches higher than the leg opening to just under the armpits. I added a dart in the bottom center to give it a more rounded shape after it was stuffed. I ironed all the edges under ¼” and stitched it to the front piece as shown leaving the top open (wrong side to right side of the front). I thought I had a few pictures of these steps but it wasn’t until after I finished I realized they didn’t come out, so I apologize. I continued assembling the romper as directed in the pattern until it was time to stitch up the sides. This is where I stuffed the belly and closed up the top, then stitched the sides.

I made the gold tee using the Peek-A-Boo Hang Ten Rash Guard with short sleeves.  I didn't have regular raglan tee handy that went small enough and figured I'd be resourceful with something else I already owned.  

The hat is the Animal Ears Fleece from Tie Dye Diva.  I enlarged the bear ears in the pattern, attached them further down on the sides and then added a green cone shape that I stuffed and stitched directly to the top of the hat.

I’ll be adding another post on my blog with my Fairy Godmother and hubby’s Prince Charming costumes next week so stay tuned….


I'm not sure who your favorite princess might be.... but, for me Ariel has been my favorite ever since I was a little girl. I have a love for the ocean, feel a sense of Ariel's personality within me. My girls now love her along with every other princess just equally as well.

I once again used the Briar Rose pattern as well as using Cinderella for the bottom portion. I am a huge fan of mashing up several different patterns to create a truly unique dress that suites my style.


I just love how simple changes with different tonal fabrics, trim, and personal touches can change elevate this pattern into something truly magical.

I hand drew my diamond shapes used heat n bond light and added 3 to each side. I used a satin stitch with my applique. This little touch added that special touch. Along with the silver bias. I wanted to save on fabric with my peplum so I used bias to finish my edge. I went with silver to pick up the silver shimmer within my fabric.

I always use width of fabric when creating all my skirts. I love the fullness it gives and adds a little more fairytale to my finished dresses.

I would love to thank my amazing and talented friend Jamie and her daughter Miss. S for lending their talents  {  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-K-Photography/114030695320149 } { http://jamiekphoto.blogspot.com/ }

I am showing off my Briar Rose inspired look today complete with cape as well.

This has been my go to pattern to create a few looks you will be seeing from me. I hope I can inspired you ladies to create everyday princess wear with a flair.

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a huge fan of Made For Mermaids I feel like I'm part of Megan's family. This is her newest pattern that recently came out a few weeks ago. If you don't have this one I'm sure after seeing all you can do with Briar Rose you will be adding it to your collection. { https://www.etsy.com/listing/203715456/briar-rose-dress-sleeping-beauty?ref=sr_gallery_3&ga_search_query=briar+rose+pdf&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery } Cape { https://www.etsy.com/listing/170467891/everyday-princess-hooded-cape-caplet?ref=shop_home_active_10 }
Materials I used for this project:

This pattern sews up so fast and the end result is beautiful & truly spell binding. The fabric combo with the small dainty lace detailing made this dress magical.
When the cape got added it really turned Miss. S into the Briar Rose. The cape offers a variety of different options. You can even get a free Anna inspired look on craftsy to go with the cape to change it up. I went with the reversible cape.

Special thanks to Jamie and Miss. S{ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-K-Photography/114030695320149 }{ http://jamiekphoto.blogspot.com/}
I hope you enjoyed my take on a classic princess and you enjoyed seeing how with a few slight changes to a few patterns you can create an amazing and magical costume for your little princess.