One Thimble E-zine- Issue 5

I can't even start to tell you what I HUGE fan I am of the One Thimble E-Zine and all of the lovely designs it offers every quarter. I've gotten to know the creative genius behind One Thimble, and Jen has fresh ideas and is excellent at whatever she does. We're so proud to bring you a review from their FIFTH issue, which also celebrates one year of One Thimble! We're hosting a Show and Tell and a giveaway too, so be sure to read the entire post so you don't miss out. Here's Jeanine to tell you all about it!

Jeanine here again, and I'm so excited to be the one reviewing the One Thimble Magazine ! 

First off, I need to tell you all that this magazine looks like a full on proper magazine, but it is in pdf form. I am VERY impressed by the quality of this magazine and the patterns in it. The photography is gorgeous and makes me want to send the kids to grandma's house so I can sew all day and dream of summer.

The magazine has 4 main categories that are distributed fairly evenly throughout the magazine.

  1. The patterns which include 9 accessories ranging from art caddies, appliques, to soft toys. And then there are 6 clothing patterns, including one women's pattern.
  2. For sewing pleasure which includes trending fabrics, interviews, exclusive offers/coupon codes, and etc.
  3. Sewing techniques and tutorials which includes shirring, interfacing, sewing with plastic coated fabrics, sewing with stretch fabrics, and much more! 
  4. The fourth section is for your handmade business! Which includes photography editing, marketing tips, and tips for how to make your items better than store bought and more.

One thing to remember is that One Thimble is an Australian based magazine, which means their seasons are opposite of our seasons here in the northern hemisphere. This doesn't mean that these patterns are unusable to us in the north though! Accessories are year round and clothing is cute layered!

Can I just say I am LOVING, like totally loving, the " Summery Christmas" thing!!!!! One day I'll celebrate Christmas in summer clothes.... 

My poor child outside without a coat!

I had the pleasure of sewing up the Tadah Moku shorts from the magazine for this review and these culotte style shorts are so awesome! I TRACED the pattern instead of just cutting the size I was sewing for this review. Now for many of you this is normal.... for myself though, I HAAAATTTEEE tracing and so I never ever do it unless I am certain (100000% sure) that I will want to make the pattern again in another size, and let me tell you, after sewing these up, the kids will be getting more! 

I absolutely adore the circle shorts style of this pattern. I'm not at all a culotte fan in pants, but this wide style on shorts is lovely. They look like a skirt almost, but the modesty of shorts, and as anyone with kids knows, all the modesty help kids can get style wise is appreciated as they don't know not everyone wants to see their cute knick- knocks quite yet!

The pattern directions are clear and to the point, the pictures are very easy to understand and the pattern sews up easily in an afternoon. The flat front waistband with elastic in the back is perfect for fit and comfort and easy dressing.

I really love these shorts paired with tights and a tank and a cardi. Honestly, I plan for this to be one of her Christmas outfits. The shorts and tank are comfy, they look like a skirt to be a bit dressier for a holiday party, and Lightning McQueen is rather festive looking in this fabric I think, colour wise anyways. 

(Sisboom Tobago tank top shown with shorts is not in magazine)

I also sewed up the Stitched by Crystal Ralphie the Reindeer.... But if you follow me at all in the sewing world you know I tend to girly things up... So, meet Ralphina the reindeer! 

My daughter loves Ralphina, she played with her all day after this photoshoot. Poor kid trying so hard to smile pretty for a picture but totally freezing her little behind off.

(quick! run inside!!!)

The reindeer is such a fun sew with great directions and a quick sew too! Plus, how cute wouldn't little reindeer look peeking out the top of the stockings on Christmas morning??!

I want to stress the point that these are not cheapo little patterns like the ones that you usually find in the crafting magazines at the mall. These are complete and full patterns. Full directions, fabric requirements and size ranges. 

There are 173 pages in the magazine and then the pattern pages after that. Each pattern prints separately and there is a handy print guide that tells you what to print for each pattern and which page in the magazine to find the directions. 

If you are on the fence, I put in my vote for buy this magazine!!! You will not be disappointed with the quality of the patterns and articles, the look of the magazine, or the coupons!

I'm thinking I need to put a subscription on my Christmas wishlist.... Dear mom.... 

Now please excuse me, Page 26-29 is a guide to cleaning and oiling your serger and mine needs doing... BADLY!

Want to see what others are making from Issue 5? Follow us around this week for Show and Tell. 

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