Mixing and Matching with Jocole Patterns

As most of you know, I love a good mashup. There's something adventurous about taking different pieces from different designers and turning a patterns on their heads. You work and hope that your finished product looks like what you envisioned in your head. When Kara from Jocole asked us to do some mixing and matching of Jodi's Mix & Match series, I was definitely interested in seeing what a pattern that acted like a mashup would be like! They are kicking off a sew-a-long this week over at Jocole, so make sure you visit their blog to find out more details!

Let me break down the Mix & Match series for you: you choose your bodice shape, sleeves, "skirt" (even if it's a top), and then any other feature that you might choose. There are seriously so many possibilities! The girls' patterns come in sizes newborn through 14, and the women's pattern pieces come in sizes XS through XXXL. For my dress, I chose the Basic Empire Bodice, the Classic Sleeves, and the Horizon Dress Bottom.

This particular match up is SCRAPTASTIC! It's really perfect for those small bits of knit you have laying around that are too small to use for much else. I was holding on to these Wild and Free scraps with my fists tightly clenched, until I realized that my Purple Seamstress solids would go great with it and I could stretch my precious fabric a little further. Since I was using scraps, I didn't have enough for the 3/4 sleeves, so I added a enough to cover the seam allowances with the navy solid knit and made up for the difference.

Despite the cold, she LOVES this dress and I can see this being a go-to for the rest of this Fall and into Winter. 

These patterns are a great intro to mashing for adventurous beginners and those who are new to working with knits. Jodi gives great tips for working with knit fabric and I know you'd find lots of help in their Facebook group, too!

And now, here's my partner in crime, Trisha, to share her self-care sewing of the Mix & Match with you!

Today I'm back to share with you guys some sewing I did for myself! While I love sewing for my kids, it's so much fun to make something for me.

 I love Jocole patterns. I've made a ton of them but for some reason I've never tried the Mix and Match series. I think I was just intimidated by it, but I totally shouldn't have been! Guys, they are so easy!! I love that I can completely customize how I want my finished item to look.
 Think of it as a puzzle. You have the chest part, which I chose the classy cowlneck bodice. Then you need to add something to that unless you're looking for a crop top here. You can add the Radiant A-Line bottom if you're looking to make a dress, or you can do the Basic Tee Bottom, which is what I did. Then, if you want sleeves, you add the sleeve pattern, which has everything from cap sleeves all the way down to long sleeves. There's even more options for girls sizes. That's it! You print the pieces out and then you tape them together to make the pattern you chose.

Here's a bit about the patterns:

  • XS-XXXL sizes
  • nested pattern pieces
  • Step by step instructions with pictures
  • Racerback or normal bodice
  • Cowl neckline or regular neckline
  • 6 different sleeve lengths
  • Tee or dress option
  • Finished measurement chart
You can get so many different looks with these patterns.  I did the Classy Cowlneck, with the Basic Tee Bottom lengthened to the XXXL in length because I'm tall and I wanted mine to be long enough to be more of a tunic.  I also did the long sleeves since it's been cold here!  We've even had some snow the past few days.  I used a lightweight sweater knit and it worked out great.  I can definitely see this shirt becoming a staple in my wardrobe.  It went together so quick and easy too.  I would say it's a good beginner pattern.
Don't be scared of the Mix and Match!  They allow you to design the look that you want by simply piecing together the different aspects of a garment.  Go have fun designing your look!