Creating a Wardrobe: Outerwear and Accessories

It is no secret that I LOVE coats, love love love them.  I love making my kids coats and have made them quite a few over the last few years:

So of course Mack's Fall wardrobe also needed a fun fall coat.  Coats are a great place to go all out, find fabric you love, add notions, spend time on it.... why???  Well, because a coat is going to get the most wear out of your child's wardrobe.  They will wear it daily and it will go every where with them.  Part of the reason I love making coats is the reward of seeing them worn so often.  

Now, when making your child a coat think of their style, think of your climate, and think of materials that aren't going to wear out or show dirt quickly.  Get your kids involved in the process by letting them pick out fabric or buttons or the pattern - you don't want them protesting putting on their coat on a daily basis, so get them involved in the process so that they can feel ownership.

Mack's fall coat is the Trendy Pea Coat from Dear My Kids (kicking off this month's Flip series over at Frances Suzanne - head over for awesome discount codes and prizes).  

I just had to use this stunning Verhees Cord from Mabel Madison - Mack has been petting it since it arrived in the mail, so I knew she would love a coat from it!  The colors and print are so vibrant that they cheer up even the gloomiest fall day.  This pattern was the perfect fit for this fabric as it is a very simple design with clean lines, which means that it is perfect for showcasing a strong fabric.  I lined it with black fleece for warmth and comfort.

Now every child also needs some accessories.  I jumped on the winter accessory patterns from Files a Maman to keep my girl warm - she calls the mittens her 'Anna Gloves' ;o)  Read the full review of these patterns HERE.

We also know that infinity scarves are the perfect accessory for everyone.  I was able to get this adorable scarf from hemming a last minute Elsa dress for a friend ;o)  There are a variety of free infinity scarf patterns out there and they whip up in minutes out of knit fabrics.