Over the Top Challenge: Day 5

It is Day Five - one more day after today to link up your own OTT Creations HERE.  And the gorgeous inspiration from our team just continues to flow - I am so impressed by each and every one of these girls!

Today we have Serena showing off her OTT dress for her daughter....

Hi, it's Serena from Serena Garcia Photography! I'm so excited to be a part of the 'Over The Top' challenge, I have 4 siblings so I love nothing more than a challenge! I was the only girl out of 5 so you have to fight for what you want. 

I had a little bit of a mix of patterns to pull this look together. I love a challenge on one hand and get a little nervous on the other, always biting my nails till it's finished to see if I truly loved what was in my head. Creative people, in my opinion, tend to be a tad perfectionist so hoping it would come together like I was envisioning was tricky! I never know where to start so I just go shopping and see what jumps out at me. I have two babes under 3 so my 'inspirational shopping' needs to be quick. I found this dark red sequin and loved a full skirt under it so ran with the 40's Christmas-y style.


The dress bodice was from EYMM's Kenzie's Party Dress pattern. I seriously love this bodice, it's business in the front and party in the back with that little peep of a back showing. I used a sheer sequin material and just backed it with the same color in a basic cotton, a little tricky getting it straight and even but well worth the extra few min to make sure it'll come out just right. The skirt was in the 'length' called for on the pattern but the width was selvedge to selvedge to give it a fuller look. I would have typically done a sew in small pettiskirt but my little loved the dress not so full when I tried it on her, phtoos were taken with a full pettiskirt under. I nixed the sash and added a fabric bow, you can find a simple tutorial on silk fabric bows all over the internet...if you have a lighter/candle it's super simple!

The cape was a last minute addition, I live in Texas and you never know what the temperature will be. I used half a pattern from Stitchwerx's Traveler Cape No. S139, it's the Anna from Frozen's cape but the top piece was perfect for a little capelet. I lengthened the top by 3" and just added ribbon ties instead of a button. Quick last minute sew and I think it adds to my 40's look perfectly. 

I love the holidays and I love dressing to the tops on the holidays, get to sewing and Merry Christmas!