Stylized Winter Photo Shoot Tips with Sarah (and the perfect patterns to make it work!)

A friend of mine recently approached me about helping her stylize a photo session for a winter themed photo shoot.  Her idea was for me to help with the staging and props, but of course my mind also went straight to the outfits my girls would wear and how I would want to style them.  I immediately started scouring patterns for some inspiration and decided the Violette Field Threads Daphne Knickers and Scarlett Skirt would be the perfect companions to our winter stylized photo shoot.
So here is a little known fact about me.  I ADORE knickers.  I used to wear a pair in grade school and I practically wore those things out.  Of course, when I saw those Daphne Knickers I knew they were the right choice for this project.  Since my little one really prefers skirts or dresses, and my older one doesn't care so much, she got the knickers for this project.
I have to admit that I was pretty shocked at how easy the knickers went together.  For the look and detail in them, I was expecting them to take awhile to make.  But as it turns out, they were quick and easy.  Score! They have a flat front waistband, but an elastic back, which makes the construction sans zippers or buttons and helps decrease the time.  I used pre-made eyelet trim instead of making the ruffles, which also cut some time off of my project, but otherwise I followed the pattern. My girl is tall, so I cut out her size but the next longer length.  I probably should have added at least another inch to them because they hit her a little higher on the knee that I wanted, but they still totally worked and I think they turned out adorable.  Better than that, she really liked them so that's what matters most to me!

For my younger daughter I used the Scarlett Skirt.  It turned out adorable.  I love having the separate over skirt and under skirt and took the patterns advice to make the under skirt in a neutral so I can use it again.  I made the size according to her measurements and it fit really well.  I also used pre-made ruffle trim for the under skirt instead of making the rows of ruffles.  Had I made those, the skirt would have taken me a lot longer.  However, as I made it, it was also a really quick sew.  She adored the ruffley look of it and I know I will be making her more over skirts to wear with that gorgeous under skirt.

For both pieces, I used 100% cotton I bought at my local JoAnn's.  I love having gorgeous and wearable pieces that can be thrown in the washer and worn over and over; both of these pieces fit that bill.

I also love that both of my pieces were statement pieces that looked like they took longer to make than they did.  Both of the patterns went together well and fit true to size.  Although I own several VFT patterns, these were the first ones I have sewn up (I know I can't be the only one who hoards unused patterns!) and I was really happy with the quality and style of them.  I need to bust out my other ones and get moving on them too!

If you'd like to read more about the process of stylizing the photo session, I talk about it on my blog. Thanks so much to VFT and Pattern Revolution for helping me to pull off my first, but hopefully not last, stylized session.

Until next time!