Celebrating Christmas: Twas the Night Before Christmas....

So many of my Christmas memories are wrapped up in Christmas Eve, my family had some great traditions when I was little, and I hope to continue them with my family as we grow.  One of my favorite things that I have started as a new tradition with my kiddos, is making them new PJs to wear Christmas Eve and into Christmas morning.  I just love that as they go to sleep on such an exciting night, they are wrapped in handmade love.

Here are Cassie, Trisha, and Carrie to share their Christmas Eve....

Love this vintage look? here are all the details:

Pattern: Ellie Inspired Beautiful Dreamer. Fabrics: vintage plaid from Martha's Miniatures remnants, white lace from Fabric Mart

Christmas Eve is always a big night for my family that includes a big family party and then a gift exchange with all the cousins.  Then all the cousins tend to get new pajamas that they get to wear home.  Recently my younger two have been liking when their pajamas happen to match, and my oldest has been sad she didn't have any that matched the younger two.  Enter Peek-a-Boo Pattern's Classic Footed Pajamas.

They were thrilled that they can all match now.  I love that this pattern goes up to a 9/10, so my oldest can still be a little kid.  She's only 7, but is tall and skinny and I've noticed that she's definitely reaching the largest sizes in many patterns.  She's the one that requested footed pajamas in the first place, so I was happy I could fulfill her request.

The pajamas were a big hit, and my son even refused to get dressed today.  I'd say that's a win!


The holidays have always been the perfect excuse for new jammies and this year is no exception.  Even better this go-round is that with the addition of a sweet boy to our family, I got to make matching jammies for my kiddos!

When I saw the Happy Feet pattern from Peek-A-Boo Patterns I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.  My 7 year old loves feeties too so I thought, “awesome! One pattern, two kids, done!!” but then, in typical indecisive 7 year old fashion, she decided that feeties just weren’t going to cut and requested a nightgown instead.  We went with a nice simple nightgown, the Sleeping Bunnies from Ellie Inspired.

All set right??  Nope!! Remember that indecisiveness I mentioned… after the nightgown was done and she saw her brother’s adorable little toasty warm feet, she decided she REALLY did want some for herself.  I have a great little footed leg warmers pattern from Brindille & Twig but it only goes to a 3T.  So I used that concept and adapted the Happy Feet bottoms to make the perfect matching slipper socks, crisis averted!! Haha!

And don’t you just love these cute little penguins?  Surprise! Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop now offers a line of custom knit fabric!  Wonderful quality and super cute prints!!  I matched that up with versatile polka dots from Euro Girls Boutique.

I am just loving all these pajamas, from vintage to classic, to modern; there are PJ's to fit every style and size child!!!!  I'm noticing a penguin theme, I love that they are perfect for Christmas but will work all winter long. Do you love to make PJ's???  We'd love to see them.  Share with us in our Facebook group #ChristmasPJs.