Over The Top Challenge: the Competitors

Who is getting excited!?!?!?!?  There are few times during the year that we have the opportunity to really go all out and Over the Top, but the holidays just bring it out everywhere you look.  Lights decorating the town, huge blow up snow men on your neighbors lawn, Christmas trees and decorations in ever store and window front.  If this isn't the time to let our sewing go over the top, then I don't know when is!!!

So we put the Challenge to our team at Pattern Revolution - sew something over the top for the Holidays.  Hahahah, well you should have seen these girls grabbing spots and getting their creative juices in gear.  I've seen the sneak peeks and you are all in for a treat for the eyes.

*Now while I am here to introduce these amazing ladies.... don't forget that YOU all need to be sewing too.  Not only are these ladies putting up their creations for you to pick who nailed OTT, but they in turn are going to be the judges who are going to pick the winners from your links ups!!!!  It makes it so much fun, and there will be some great prizes. More information at the bottom of the post.*

All Right, Meet our Competitors!!!!

Cassie Massolia: 

Hey there! I'm Cassie, owner and designer of Lily Shine Boutique. I am originally from Michigan but am currently residing on the island of Oahu. I am a wife to an amazing US Marine and a mom to two beautiful girls. When I'm not sewing or crafting, I am shopping, teaching group exercises classes, co-coordinating a local Military MOPS group or playing with my kiddos! Growing up, I learned to sew from my mom as I helped design and create halloween costumes each year and handmade gifts for my friends and family. I am so thankful that she passed on her knowledge, and I look forward to my girls learning the art of sewing and designing. I am super happy to be a part of this blog tour, and can't wait to share what I've created for my two little muses!


Crystal Motes:

 Crystal is a mommy to her two awesome kiddos, a wife to her fabulous hubby of 5 years, and an occupational therapist living in sunny Florida.  You can usually find Crystal at her sewing machine first thing in the morning before her kids wake.  She loves to sew, craft, DIY, and photograph and she blogs about it all at www.stitchedbycrystal.com

Trisha Parker: 

Trisha is a stay-at-home mom to three kids.  She loves to try anything new, and some of her hobbies include sewing, crocheting, knitting, soap making, photography, and cake decorating.  She learned to sew from her mom over 20 years ago and it's one of her favorite pastimes.  One of her favorite quotes is "A clean house is a sign of a broken sewing machine."  

Brianne Matlage:

 Brianne is a Texan currently living in Virginia. She is a true Longhorn fan who bleeds orange. Surprisingly, she married an Aggie and had two beautiful girls. She stays at home to love on her babies and sews during nap time. Check out her Blog.

Lorie Touchton:

Lori is the mother to FIVE gorgeous kiddos (and I thought 3 was hard) and is also a professional photographer running Cayden Lane Photography in Floriday. We're not sure where she comes up with the time to sew; but it is certainly a passion and an art.

Serena Garcia Diaz:

Hello! I'm Serena, a stay at home momma to 2 little crazies that keep me on my toes and an awesome wife to the hubbs of 12 years. Sewing has quickly become an obsession, it all started when my oldest was born and photographing her just wasn't the same without sewing up something cute to put her in. She's a model at heart and needless to say we have fun! You can find me behind the camera lens most any day and behind the sewing machine most any night.


So how do you get involved!?!?!?

  • Theme: Over the Top Holiday (interpret it any way you wish)
  • Who: Anyone can enter, you can sew for kids or adults, or even animals - just make it OTT!!!
  • When: Link up Dec 8-13.
  • Where: Starting Dec 8th, you will be able to link up here at Pattern Revolution.
  • Why: Because it is fun, and challenging, and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, and there are going to be some cool prizes ;o)