Tutorial: Modifying the Casual Lady by Go To Patterns

I am falling more and more in love with the Casual Lady Top and Dress by our Affiliate Go To Patterns.  We just reviewed it HERE - and I love both of Crystal's takes.  Today Kara is sharing an easy modification to create a very trendy look - lace is in for Spring, and according to the Fall/Winter 2014 fashion shows, it is still going to be on trend at the end of the year. (Kara's is a slightly more wearable version of the black dress in the bottom middle)

Source: Ohstyles.com http://www.ohstyles.com/fall-winter-2014-womens-fashion-trends.html

Source: Ohstyles.com http://www.ohstyles.com/fall-winter-2014-womens-fashion-trends.html

Casual Lady Modification

Casual Lady by Go To Patterns

When I first got the challenge to modify the Casual Lady, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I love the look of the Casual Lady top and dress, I just thought adding a lace top portion might give it some interesting contrast.

A requirement for the Casual Lady top is to use knit fabric.  If you aren't comfortable sewing with knit and don't have a serger, I have a few suggestions for using a regular sewing machine here.    Let's get started.

1.  Cut Pattern:  Pick your correct size based on the size chart, I chose to make a small.

2.  Use Facing Pieces for lace pattern:  JoAnn's had some stretchy lace fabric that I really adored and knew would be perfect for this project.  In order to make the pattern for the lace, use the facing pieces to make the top sheer portion(be sure to add a seam allowance).  Put the bodice front/back facing pieces on the folded lace and cut. 

Here is what you should have at this point.

3.  Mark Bodice front and back:  Lay the facing pieces on top of the actual pattern and mark where the facing piece stops(this will be where the lace and main fabric meet).  

4.  Fold pattern piece back:  Add a seam allowance to the pattern and fold bodice front and back pieces down behind the pattern.

5.  Lay pattern pieces on fabric:  Pin pattern onto bodice fabric.  Cut front and back bodice pieces.

6.  Pin lace to front and back:  Put lace on fabric(right sides together), lining up where the two pieces were cut apart, and pin in place.  

7.  Iron:  After the two pieces are sewn together, iron seam down toward the main fabric.  

8. Topstitch:  Topstitch using a twin needle, steam if the seam is wavy.  

9.  Finish pattern:  Complete the pattern as directed per the pattern instructions.  Serge the neck and arm holes.  Turn hem under (right at serged line) and press. Use a twin needle to attach and finish the hem. 

And you are finished!  

The pants and skirt in my pictures are from Jocole.  I made the Ladies Wide Leg Pants in the top pictures and the A Line Yoga Skirt in the bottom picture.  I think they look really cute together.

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