Math Geniuses Unite... A Pillowcase Equation Tutorial (but don't worry, the math is figured out for you!)

Sometimes the simplest changes can brighten our days - and when the snow has us locked inside for days on end, a little brightening can go a LONG way!

Raedene  of Chasing Mermaids has brought us a great tutorial with a mathematical equation so that you can easily switch up any pillow in your home.  Breath in some new life with a new print or color - the great thing about this tutorial is that it is an envelope syle Pillow Case, so you can switch it out any time the mood strikes you.  So sew yourself up a new pillowcase... and maybe you'll even get to take a nice little nap with it this afternoon!


Today we are going to make something to refresh any room in your home. I recently did this for me. I wanted a whole new look in my living room without spending tons of money. I threw up some curtain panels and recovered 9 boring pillows. And WOW a whole new look.

1. Find boring old pillow. (that was easy for me) Or purchase a pillow insert.

 2. Measure pillow LxW

 3. My pillow measures 18x18 a pretty standard size. Take the Length (18) and multiply it by two thirds (.6666%) 18x .666% equals 11.8 round that number up to 12. Measure YOURS and insert numbers. _____L x 2/3 or .666% to get L_____ for back two panels the width will remain the same. You are NOT cutting in half as you NEED your panels on the back to overlap. This gives you the measurement for your 2 back pieces 12L x 18w . These 2 pieces will overlap creating an envelope enclosure.

 4. Cut 3 pieces of fabric A. 18x18 FRONT B. 12x18 back C. 12x18 back

 I used the same print for all 3 panels in this tutorial. Other pillows I used a mix of 2 or 3!


 5. OPTIONAL: depending on what type of fabric you choose home decor or quilting cotton you may need batting. If you have a rough or dark pillow you may want to use batting for comfort/color. If choosing to use it Cut 1 piece 18x18.


 6. Cut some bias tape in a coordinating print or use store packaged double wide bias. I like to use a coordinating fabric and because these are straight edges I don't actually cut on the bias. Cut a 2"x44" piece.


 7. Fold the strip in half WS together iron a crease down the center; Open back up and fold each side into the center. Iron to set. Fold over again creating a 1/2" strip.


8. Take one of the 12x18 panels and make sure the 18" is the width attach the strip of bias cutting off the excess for the next panel. Pin in place. Repeat with the other panel.


 9. If using batting now is the time to lay it over the front panel. I use a quick little method and spray adhesive to the back of the fabric and lay the batting on top and smooth it by hand to lay flat and even.


 10. With the front panel laying RS up, align one back panel piece on top right sides together. Repeat with the other back panel they will overlap one another creating the envelope opening. Pin all around the outside to hold in place.


 11. Sew all around the outside perimeter of the square using a 1/2" seam allowance. I use a walking foot to sew this as it holds the layers in place firmly. But this is not necessary if pinned well.


 12. Clip corners. Cut off excess seam allowance. Turn right side out. Poke out corners. VIOLA.


 13. Fit the pillow into the envelope cover. And you are done. A new pretty look.


 This is a fun and easy way to brighten up or change the look in no time!


 I am making these pillows for my kitchen to go our the end chairs to match our valance! Comfy, pretty and super easy!


 ...and then sew up some more! After cutting one night I made all these in one sitting… So fun and fresh! (you don't see the cheerios on the carpet!!!)