Hot new FREE Mandex Pattern from Greenstyle Creations

It seems that for as long as I have been a stay at home mom, my husband has been strolling in after work and giving me the once over. He turns and sighs, almost inaudibly, but it's clear that he doesn't exactly approve of my daily mom uniform- knit stretch leggings and a tunic. I know lots of women might decide to go the extra mile and put on something a little more trendy and appealing for their husband's arrival, but honestly, these things are just so darn comfy, I can't make myself do it. Who doesn't love leggings? Anybody? (Crickets)

So, I got to thinking one day...

What if I made my husband his own pair of leggings to wear around the house on his days off?Surely,  he would appreciate the pure ecstasy one feels when lounging in the comfort of leggings (AKA the pattern designer's gift to women) if he just had a pair of his own. 

So, I called on a friend...

I could have drafted my own leggings pattern for him, but it occurred to me that other women must be in the same boat; they have men that lack understanding and need their very own leggings too, so I called on Angie from Greenstyle Creations . She agreed that all men need leggings, and she not only drafted a pattern for us, she decided to make it FREE for the first 24 hours! (EXPIRED 4/2/14)

Introducing the FREE Mandex Men's Leggings Pattern!

Suggested fabrics: Knit, Crushed Velvet, Pleather, Waxed Stretch Denim

Suggested fabrics: Knit, Crushed Velvet, Pleather, Waxed Stretch Denim

Aren't they fabulous? My favorite thing about the pattern is that is comes with 3 cutting lines. The standard sporty Mandex, the trimming high waisted Manx version for the man who needs a little sucking in, and the relaxed Moga version for the guys who want to let it all hang out. Something for everyone!


Be sure to download and open this pattern today so you don't miss out. 

Trust me on this one, you'd be a fool to pass this one up!