Calling All Kids: Blog Tour

I was so flipping excited when I got the e-mail from Alida asking if I was willing to sew for this year's Calling All Kids Series.  I jumped up and down shouting YESSSSSSSSS!  I love the idea of making clothing that our kids will LOVE - that showcase their personalities, and don't try to conform to what the stores think a 'boy' or 'girl' should wear.  Don't get me wrong - I love pink on my girls, and blue on my boys, but they like such a variety of things... so why not offer them the world and let them pick their favorites?

Alida Makes Presents: Calling All Kids

Of course then I needed to figure out what to make.  Every idea that popped into my head was something that had been done in some form last year, hmmmmmm, obviously I am super inspired by Alida and the amazing women who participated last year.  So I needed some inspiration, and sometimes when I need inspiration - I have to shut everything in my brain down and stop thinking.  This works best when I cuddle up with my husband and watch whatever movie came from Netflix.

Well, the movie was The Counselor - I was exhausted and fell asleep half way through - but not before being inspired by the shirt worn by Javier Bordem:

... and it hit me, Butterflies are for BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went into my stash, knowing that I would have something with butterflies on it.  This fabric ended up being perfect.  With the dark grey, hot pink, and flourishes - I had bought it to make a dress for baby girl; but it ended up having a rocker vibe perfect for my boy when combined with a light grey solid for a classic oxford.  Of course the Classic Oxford from our affiliate Peek-A-Boo Patterns is just the perfect pattern to whip up and end up with a professional finish. Paired with the PAB Skinny Jeans, this is a fun outfit all the cool kids will want ;o)

butterflies are for boys-1001.jpg

Here are my tips if you are wanting to add an unexpected print or color into your child's wardrobe.

  • Start small - the yoke of a shirt, a pocket, a belt, maybe start with pocket linings.
  • Go with something your kid likes - my son really likes butterflies, so he thought this shirt was so cool!
  • Solid colors can work on any gender, just make sure your silhouette/pattern is something your child will enjoy wearing - that is the point, making things your kiddos love, RIGHT!
butterflies are for boys-1005.jpg
butterflies are for boys-1006.jpg

When I do Oxfords with a contrasting yoke, I like to echo that fabric in the inner collar stand, I feel like it ties the shirt together and gives that professional finish you would find in a pricier store. You get to see that little pop from the front as well.  I chose not to do a pocket on this shirt - it just didn't need it, but a front pocket is another fun place to add a fun pop of color, pattern, or a cool detail.

butterflies are for boys-1002.jpg

My moody little man already thinks he is rocker cool, and thus smiles and eye contact are unnecessary in photos - dark and brooding and so mysterious (but I can't really blame him for not being excited about standing outside in the freezing rain - the things my poor kids do for me!)

Thanks for joining me on the Calling All Kids Blog Tour... make sure you enter to win some awesome goodies, and sew along - cause all the cool kids are doing it!