Do You Wanna Go Glamping????

How fun to get to participating in the first tour for Willow& Co.  The Glamping Collection is simply amazing - with patterns for boys and girls there is something for everyone.  There are pants, shorts, tops, dresses, coats, sweaters, and even an adorable poncho.  I seriously wanted to take every pattern and sew it up for this tour, but reality and timing got in my way - why or why are there only 24 hours in the day!?!?!??!!?

I whittled myself down to the Persimmon Top and the Clover Shorts.  This is quite possibly one of my favorite outfits I have ever made for Mack - can we just swoon together for a moment.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Not only are these patterns a fairly quick sew - I know they don't look like it, but believe me I had both sewn up in about an hour and a half total, and you know the first time you make something always takes the longest.

I used contrasting thread because a) I didn't have an exact match to this color, and b) I love that it makes it a detail that catches the eye!

I used contrasting thread because a) I didn't have an exact match to this color, and b) I love that it makes it a detail that catches the eye!


I am a huge fan of bias tape, and I just love how these straps tie in adorable bows.


The shorts are comfy and have a great fit.  I upcycled these from a pair of linen blend pants that were handed on to me in a 'bound for Goodwill' bag.  THANK YOU for expensive looking shorts for FREE!  The pleats give visual interest - I chose the more tailored way of sewing them to keep baby girl's mid section more stream lined.  I also omitted the belt loops and sash for this pair to make these a staple that she can wear all summer.  *With the toddler tummy still poking out, she never wears anything tucked so those gorgeous details would always be hidden.*


*Now I did make a boo-boo while cutting these patterns out too late at night.  I forgot that the contrast strip on the top was supposed to be front and back - so you have to cut TWO - yep, I only cut one.  And then I decided, oh - there is a little bit left, let's use it for the waistband lining and pocket lining on the shorts.... so yep, when I got to sewing the next day, I had only one strip and no way to cut another from the scraps left.  Luckily I had another coordinating piece that still looks good - but sad face that I messed it up!


I added buttons to the front because they were just begging to be there, and they are a perfect match to the tan in the fabric.  I pulled these off a cast off pair of khakis a while back, and they have been just waiting in my button jar for a second lease on life.  Yeah, they are way cuter on this dress - happy happy buttons!

Willow & Co has set a high bar for patterns - they have obviously listened to what the consumer wants to see in a pattern and are following through beautifully.  Charts for yardage, sizing, finished measurements (in both imperial and metric); detailed colored images of all views of the garment AND line drawings for all views; a glossary of sewing terms, printing and assembly instructions, and detailed instructions with large color photos.


I am sure I will be sewing plenty more of these!  Make sure to check out all the stops in the Glamping Tour and grab a pattern or 12 to make for your littles' summer wardrobe!

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