A Thank You Gift for YOU: The Petit Pan Top (Free Pattern)

You may have noticed that we just celebrated our first birthday here at Pattern Revolution.  I look back, and first can't believe that a year has gone by, and then can't believe how much has happened in the past year!

When Robin asked me to join her at Pattern Revolution, I never thought that the blog would grow so quickly and reach so many people.  I have made friends here that I would have never met, learned about (and made friends with) designers that I had no clue existed, and been given opportunities that exceeded all my hopes and dreams.  The most recent of which was that I was given the opportunity to review Lauren Dahl's Pattern Workshop. You can read the full review HERE.

As I entered the review process, it hit me that I could not write a review of this class without having something to show for it.  So, today I present to you my very first pattern!!!!

The Petit Pan Top: Size 2-4

Pattern Instructions

Petit Pan Final Instructions-1.jpg
petit pan illustrations.jpg
additional illustrations.jpg

I am so thankful for my amazing testers: Becca Duval, Kara Orr, Crystal Mottes, Jessica Stewart, and Nicole Cantwell who stuck by me through the testing learning curve and made sure this pattern was perfect before sending it out.  Plus they shared their creations and their adorable children!


The Petit Pattern is available for free in girls sizes 2, 3, &4.  This is designed for a knit bodice and a woven collar/strap, but it can also be made in all woven materials. 

This pattern shows what I have learned in taking the Pattern Workshop - digitizing, grading, digital line drawing, and so much more.  Read my fill review of the course HERE.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern and that the little girls in your life love it!  Please share your pictures with me #WWPetitPan -seeing what you create is the best part!

*Click the links to download, the pattern and instructions are separate files*

Pattern / Instructions