Runway Deconstructed: Polka Dots

The competition is over and it is time to get back to Runway Deconstructed, but lets be honest for a bit - Becca and I need a tiny little break.  So we turned to two hot mama's and asked if they could pretty please step in for us for the week - thanksfuly for us (and YOU), they said yes.

Teronia and Sara are here to share their take on the Polka Dot trend that has been visible on the 2014 runway.  The polka dot craze doesn't stick to one scale or color - have fun and play with it.  You can go full on DOT, or use polka dots to accent an outfit.  You can also use polka dots to cover up or show it off.... seriously, read though both reviews, they are amazing!

Have you tired Polka Dots in your women's wear???  We want to see, come over to Pattern Revolution on Facebook and share your creations with us #deconstructthedot.


I am so excited to be guest posting for Pattern Revolution today. After talking it over with Sara we decided to go with polka dots for our trend. We both took different approaches; she went practical and I went my usual way of thinking - sexy! To put a little spin on it we each added another trend to our dots. Sara came up with her awesome sporty bomber which I think is business in the front and a polka dot party in the back! I also loved the gorgeous brocade she used. I had been drooling over the retro/pin up style so I went with a swimsuit. I noticed that dots have gotten funky, different sizes, chaotic placement, you name it! I ended up ordering some huge dots from a shop on Ebay, SpandexNYC. I used the Vintage Bikini Bottoms from Dandelions N’ Dungarees along with their Vintage Crop Top which is still in testing, but due out soon. J

You know how sometimes you go into a project with thoughts of grandeur? Oh, my prints will match up and I will do this and my photos will be gorgeous and I will do that…only to end up like, “Well, if someone asks I will tell them it’s store bought” and begging your VERY disinterested fiancé to take the most spectacular photos he’s ever taken while praying that you get at least one shot with all of you in focus? No? Ok, me neither. *Ahem.  I also start every sewing project out with my favorite familiar mantra, “No seam-ripping, no seam-ripping,” Needless to say, I had a few “ooopies”, but  I call “oopsies” modifications when you are sewing for yourself. Let’s just say a little muslin goes a long way. After my “modifications” I was pretty happy with the results: I look hot and that’s what matters.

I honestly didn’t know if this style would flatter me, but it had all the features I was looking for:
  • ·         Emphasize the nice areas while a high waist left the belly out of it
  • ·         Molded bra cups meant no mom boobs for me! Next time, I will try the ones that take you up two sizes ;-)

The bottoms came together very quickly and I loved the cut. Despite being short I have long legs and they looked great in these. Surprisingly, the over-sized polka dots gave me a little junk in my trunk which is a good thing in my book, but if you are junkie trunk conscious you may want to go with smaller dots.

 The top was a bit more of a challenge, mainly that it was in testing while I was constructing it, but never fear: we shall overcome. Elise and the girls in the testing group were an amazing help so I put my suit together and got all dolled up for my shoot. I want to thank my fantastic future MIL for loaning me the shoes and bracelet  and Shades of Pink Boutique for my awesome embroidered hat which I will show better later on my [brand new] blog, Crazy Crafty Haute Mama.

All in all I really liked bringing a current trend to my closet. My advice for anyone else would be: Don’t let the fabric or pattern intimidate you. You have all the time in the world to sew it up. If you need to, hang out in the designer’s group and ask questions as you go along. Don’t be afraid to mess it up, it’s JUST fabric. 


I love a dot, y'all.  I love it in all it's vintage glory and in all it's childish cuteness.  But how could I spin this trend to work in my own wardrobe?  I'm a casual kind-of mom.  I like to look nice, but I don't really wear dresses or skirts.  I have learned through the last 5 years of sewing that I need to make separates that are wearable for trips to the grocery store and to the art museum.  I need to be comfortable, but look like I might have put some thought into my outfit.  

I decided that a bomber jacket, also a trend right now in fashion, could be a great addition to my wardrobe if I made it a little dressy and a little casual all at the same time.

I have to be up front about my inspiration for the fabrics on this jacket.  I wanted to do a sporty take on dots, but as far as how my specific jacket was going to use that trend....

...let's just say the JoAnn's nearest my home had a BIG part in my decision.  I can not believe how limited the polka-dot selection was!  I had some ideas in my mind of what type of fabric and what scale of dot I wanted, but the ONLY thing I could find was a gold, textured, not really, but sort-of dot.  That was it, y'all.  Unless I wanted knit or chiffon jacket, which I didn't.

I had not planned to piece together different fabrics, but I was forced to think creatively because an jacket entirely made of golden fabric is NOT my style and I am trying my very best to only make things that will be wearable for me and compliment my wardrobe.

I tortured my two little girls by walking around and around with my bolt of gold, trying to envision how different fabrics would look with it in a finished jacket.  I finally made my choices and here is the outcome.

I had the good fortune to choose the Papercut Rigel Bomber pattern and I was so nervous all the way through construction.  Between having never made a jacket for myself, working with slippery fabric and having to attempt some unfamiliar construction details like welt pockets and a separating zipper, I was really concerned my investment in the fabric for the jacket would not pay off.

If I could go back in time and talk to my pre-bomber self now, I would let myself know that the Rigel Bomber pattern is so very clear at every step that there is absolutely no need to worry.  Even with my somewhat wonky fabric cutting (slippery fabrics make things difficult!) the pieces still fit together very nicely!  And although my welt pockets and zipper may not be perfect, they were not nearly as stress-inducing as I had supposed they would be.  I even chose to go the risky route of the pieced sleeve option...and I'm so glad I did!

I am proud to hang this up in my closet and will be even more proud to wear it.  Even my husband said it looks very professionally done... even if he doesn't really prefer the look of a bomber jacket.  What does he know about trends, right?

I have more photos and a more in-depth review of the pattern on my blog.