Enchanted Makeovers Fundraiser

If you are reading this, you are probably fairly privileged. You may be reading this from your email on your smartphone, or on your laptop in your comfortable living room, or maybe you are browsing from a tablet in your sewing room.  Like me, you are most likely safe, sheltered, and surrounded by all your lovely sewing things. If you've been sewing for long, you know that sewing can be an expensive hobby. You also know that sewing can fill you with a sense of accomplishment and self worth. It can be something you do to fill yourself back up when the world has drained you, or it can be something you do to provide for your family. Sewing is a skill that has both economical and personal value. 

What if all that was stripped away?

To be perfectly honest, I cannot imagine my life without the opportunity to sew, much less without the comforts of home and family. Just thinking about it brings thoughts of desperation. I am so blessed and I know this. I have so much and I am thankful. That's why I've decided to help make a difference by supporting Enchanted Makeovers

Can you help?

Our friend Jenny over that the Southern Institute (founder of the fabulous Sew Fab Bundle Sale) just turned 40! To celebrate, Jenny wanted to do something awesome to help give back to women in less fortunate situations. I shared with her about the Enchanted Makeovers program that puts sewing rooms in shelters for women, and she decided to hold a fundraiser to celebrate her 40th birthday. Jenny's goal is to raise $1000 before the end of the month for Enchanted Makeover's Sacred Sewing Room project. 

There's only a week left and we are really short of the goal!

I challenge YOU!

I know that I have a lot of designer friends who are blessed, like me. I know I have a lot of blog fans who are privileged, like me. I know there are a lot of boutique owners who are advantaged, like me. Will you join me in helping women who are less fortunate gain a small piece of what we already have and so often take for granted? Here's what I am asking you to do.

Give $10. (or more!)

  • $10 is a pdf pattern, maybe 2 if you hit a good sale; how many do you have sitting on your hard drive?
  • $10 is a yard of good designer fabric; how many do you have sitting in your stash?

I'll match you.

I've already given my $10, and I will match the first 9 donations of $10 from Pattern Revolution fans. To get your matching donation, just leave "I heard about this on Pattern Revolution" in the comments section on the donation page. Let's touch some lives together. 

Donate HERE

Thank you!