Riverwalk Sundress by Seamingly Smitten Pattern Tour

We're excited to be a part of the Seamingly Smitten pattern tour today. We have 2 adorable versions of the Riverwalk Sundress to share with you, plus a giveaway and a  DEEP DISCOUNT coupon! Be sure to read through to the end to get the goodies!

"This is what I'm talking about. Will you make me another one?" Those were my daughter's words when she tried on the Riverwalk Sundress by Seamingly Smitten.

YES!!!! She likes it.


I usually review patterns for younger girls so it was nice to get the opportunity to sew something for my teenager. The designer refers to this dress as "simple, chic, comfortable, and stylish." I have to agree that those words describe it perfectly. I really want to make this dress for me but I guess that's going to have to wait until I make another one for her first. Luckily, it's a quick sew so making a couple more of these will be easy.


Let me tell you a little about the pattern. Sizes 0-26 (XS-XXXL) are included and there are several different options for this dress. It can be made with or without straps, with or without pockets, and elastic can be added to the waistband or left straight and worn with the optional sash.

Here's what else is included in the pattern:

*list of materials and notions
*sizing chart
*suggested fabrics and fabric requirements based on size
*8 pattern pieces for skirt and pockets with a layout diagram for assembling pieces
*different length options for both the bodice and the skirt (petite, regular, and tall)
*measurements for bodice and strap pieces
*clearly written instructions and pictures showing the steps
*photo samples for inspiration

I made the regular XS strapless version with the elastic waist and pockets. I didn't need to make any alterations to get the right fit. If you like this dress as much as we do, go to Seamingly Smitten to get your copy of the Riverwalk Sundress.

Happy Sewing!



Hey!  Brianne here from Ali Cat & Co.

It's 2pm on a Saturday.  You're relaxing on the couch catching up on all the trashy TV you recorded during the week.   Binging on Cheetos, gummy bears, and water. Gotta stay healthy, right?
Then Army Wives comes on.  You're getting really annoyed with one character plus she reminds you of an acquaintance.  Ya know, that friend of a good friend.  Major clash of personalities.  

That acquaintance has her bachlorette party tonight! 
You have an entire closet of clothes but nothing to wear! Only 5 hours to be dressed and ready.
You have to look good. Really good.  Bachlorette parties are perfect for meeting the boys.
Scratch that.  You're done with boys.  Only want to meet men.  That's a better plan.

Back to the problem.  What do you have to wear?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing good.
Can you make a cute dress AND be ready in 5 hours?
That answer is YES!
You grab your Seamingly Smitten Riverwalk Sundress pattern and get busy.  
2.5 hours later; you've finished making a smokin' hot dress.  Phew!  Plenty of time left to 
shower and paint the barn (put on make-up).

Did I say smokin' hot?

The straps and waist elastic are optional.  I added a bit of lace to the straps for fun. I like fun.
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  Actually, there are only 15 pages of instructions-yea the pattern is THAT fast to sew up. 

Break it down
Time:  2.5 hours pattern print, cut, and sew
Sizes: XS to XXXL (0-26) with length options
Materials: 2ish yards.  More or less depending on size
3/4" elastic (for bust) and 3/8" elastic (optional for waist)
Difficulty: adventurous beginner
My Thoughts: I louvre this dress!  It's comfortable and versatile.  You can totally jazz it up for a special occasion with silks, satins, tulle, or put add an underskirt for extra poof. Made with cotton, it's a perfect everyday dress.  Who says you can't look good while toting around babies?

The wrap belt came from Italy but the pattern does include instructions for sewing a sash.
The pattern also includes pockets.  Hey-O!

This one is for the boys ;)

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