Inspired by: Parson Gray

Anyone that knows me and follows my projects for Snickerdoodle Stew has probably picked up on the fact that I have a slight obsession with Parson Gray fabric.  I don't know, maybe you could call it a fabric crush.  But I do know that every new line from Mr. Butler resonates with me and gets my creativity flowing.  Most would look at this earthy, rugged fabric and assume it would only be appropriate for boys, but I've really enjoyed bucking the system and turning these handsome prints into gorgeous items for my daughter.

I also love taking two patterns and mashing them up to make something brand new.  You can see some of my other mashups for Pattern Revolution here and here.  Mashups make you think outside the box and once you get the hang of it, they're so much fun!

I'm not even sure how I came across it, but I found this fun tutorial on the Make it Coats page, on how to add a fun, handkerchief skirt to a store-bought denim shirt.  Immediately, I started stalking some of my favorite designers for the perfect mashup to recreate this look.  I decided that the Fairytale Handkerchief Hem Dress from Tie Dye Diva (affiliate) and the Knot Right Now Dress from Little Lizard King would make a great pair and still adapt a whimsical look for a young girl.  And I couldn't help but top off the look with these stunning navy, white, tan and indigo prints from Empire, the newest fabric line from Parson Gray.

I even found Renaissance Ribbons in Parson Gray designs at Hawthorne Threads!

These patterns were really destined to be mashed up.  They came together so easily and I seriously made no changes to either of the patterns.  I even opted for the labor intensive mitered corners (times eight!) and the finish is absolute perfection.  On their own, they are equally amazing, but together, they pack a mighty fashionable punch. 

I hope this project gets you thinking out of box when it comes to fabric and patterns.  It's always so rewarding when what you envisioned in your head comes out even better than you imagined.  I'd like to thank Jen from Tie Dye Diva and Liz from Little Lizard King for providing the patterns for this mashup.  I'd also like to send a huge shout-out Ann from Coats and Clark for the generous provision of the fabric for this dress.

If you're looking for more Parson Gray inspiration, head over to Pinterest and check out my other projects!