Sunny Dress and Top, Sew Very Tour

We're excited to be a part of the Sew Very Blog Tour for the Sunny Dress and Top.  Join in all the fun all over blog land by checking in at the stops below.  You will find so much inspiration for making your very own Sunny Dress and Top.

Sew Very is offering 20% off the Sunny Days Dress and Top throughout the tour (until Aug 17) with code: SUNNY20.  And make sure you enter to WIN at the bottom of the post!   Now here is Rebecca to share her awesome back to school version....


It has been almost an entire year since I have blogged....which means it has been almost an entire year since I have participated in a pattern review....why oh why for the love of everything precious can I not get it together....I used to pride myself in being "THAT" girl...the one who could juggle the entire world with her eyes closed and one hand behind her back.....but then life gets messy....and it has been very messy for...well.....about a year now....but things are looking up.....and i have committed myself to blog more often.....WAY more is flying by me and I am not documenting a single thing.....and it makes me today it I get back to blogging and today I make a commitment to myself to jump back in to doing pattern reviews because...well, let's face it....I LOVE IT!!!!

And for my first blog post in almost a year...not only am I blogging....(gasp...I know!!!!)....but I've got a fun little pattern review for you! Woo Hoo!!!!
The Pattern that is up for review is the Sunny Dress & Top by SewVery and from the pictures that I will share with you, you will see that my little spawn loved loved loved it!!! Now, this said "spawn" is really coming into her own, so she was very particular when it came to the fabrics and the options for this sweet little number. Oh yes....I said optionS!!!! One of the great things about this pattern is that it can be made in a shirt or dress length AND it can be made with a ruffle neck OR with no ruffle at the neck.

Although I found the ruffle at the neckline to be sweet, the "spawn" did since it was her dress and she felt the need to pick the options we opted for no neck ruffle....we also went with the top length because "I like to play on the playground at recess and if you make the dress then I will not be able to wear it to school because if I wear it to school I can not, just CAN NOT play on the playground at recess and do the fun stuff on the playground at recess because then all the other kids might see my panties and I DO NOT want them to see my panties...." she went on a little longer but you get the dresses because she won't get to do the "fun stuff" at the playground in fear of people seeing her panties.....

If you are looking for something that is a pretty quick sew (from start to finish) and is great for layering, this is a great pattern. My littles are not allowed to wear anything sleeveless to school so this is perfect for them. Imagine it in corduroy with tights, a long sleeve shirt underneath and some boots....perfect fall and winter outfit! And. this pattern comes in sizes 2T through 12 so you are for sure going to get lots of use out of this one!

The back of this dress has criss cross straps that are threaded through loops and are tied in a sweet little bow. This is great for a "grow with me" type of fit. The elastic in the back of the dress is also ensures that it will fit longer than a typical fitted style of dress. 

The Sunny Dress & Top is a very well written pattern with the beginner in mind. The instructions are very easy to follow with lots of pictures throughout the pattern to aid in understanding the written instructions. 
The pattern includes size charts and fabric requirements as well as only 8 pages for the actual pattern to tape together...huge paper and time saver right there folks!!! And if you are making a smaller size or the top length you will not even need all 8 of the pages used for the pattern. 
Now I am a stickler for using different colors for the different sizes on the actual pattern, this pattern however used different lines and dots for the sizes but were all in the same color. I think it might just be a personal preference, but I truly prefer different colors for the different sizes. 

Final Thoughts
  • Overall, this is a wonderfully written simple pattern perfect for the beginner, but also great for experienced sewists that are looking for a fast and easy sew! 
  • The fact that this is a garment that can be worn year round is awesome.
  • Another bonus is that it has a HUGE range of sizes....2T through size 12. 
  • The fit seems to run a tad small, it's a little more slim fitting than other patterns that I have used, tested or reviewed, so check the measurement chart to get the right size. 
  • I also think that it is a little plain - which is great for very busy prints and layering,  but I would love to have the designer add more options like a ruffle down the front or maybe pockets on the front or on the side of the top/dress where you can use coordinating fabrics. *I could have easily added those details to this dress, but for the beginner in mind I think the added "extras" with measurements and placements would be a great addition to this pattern. 

So there you have it folks! A new blog post AND a pattern review! A great simple dress and top perfect for your little! And easy pattern to follow and a fast sew! I sewed this up in a total of about 2.5 hours. That's from the time I printed the pattern until the time the dress was ready to go on the spawn! I think you will find this to be one of your go to staples in your pattern collection!
Happy Monday and welcome back Me to the world of pattern reviewing and blogging!!!

 Don't forget to grab your Sunny Dress and Top pattern for 20% off during the pattern tour (August 11-17) with code SUNNY20.

And of course, ENTER to WIN!!!!!!