Renee's Cheerios - An Auction to Spread the Sparkle of Love and Hope

Here at Pattern Revolution - we aren't just a team... over the past 18 months we have grown into friends and a functioning (mostly not dysfunctional) family of sorts.  So when a member of our team suffers a loss, we all feel it and reach out with prayers, virtual hugs, and whatever support we can offer.  Recently two of our team lost an amazing young teacher in their community - her name was Renee.
You can read about her life and legacy here:

Janette decided to step up and honor this amazing educator's memory:
This auction is to benefit the "Renee's Cherrios" fund set up to honor my friend and my children's 1st grade teacher Renee Saunders Parr.This is such heartbreaking loss and we are going to do everything we can to continue to spread her sparkle.

Renee was a friend to all she met.  At the funeral her mother spoke perfectly.  She opened with "Raise your hand if you were Renee's best friend" half the room raised their hand.  She was the life of the party and such a sweet giving soul.  Full of love for all.  No matter who you are, she treated everyone the same.  My life as so many others is better just because we met her.  Hailey was the only kid from her kindy class to be put in Renee's class in first grade (her first year of officially teaching).  Which is odd because they usually send a couple of kids together.  So things happen for a reason, i guess ;)  I was her room mom, copy mom, "anything she needed" volunteer at school. I dropped everything for her for whatever she needed (cupcakes usually!)

As your children start their first days of school, consider honoring the memory of an educator who thrived on seeing each child succeed.

Here are some of the amazing items you can find in the Auction that have been donated by our team members (auction ends 8/21):

Donated by Raedene

Donated by Jeanine

donated by Nichole

donated by cassie

donated by Sarah

donated by Larissa

donated by Kara

donated by Becca

donated by Jessica

donated by Nicole

donated by JaNette (this is a Ruby Jeans Closet pattern)

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