Jocole Skinnies On Tour

It's no secret that we are HUGE fans of Jocole patterns here at Pattern Revolution. Today we are sharing the Jocole Skinnies again because we just love them so much! If you've never made a Jocole pattern before, be sure to check into the Jocole Facebook group to participate in their upcoming Sew Along and keep tabs on the featured section of the website so you don't miss our favorite day of the week- Wednesday, when one Jocole pattern is half off every week!

 Here's Melissa to tell you more about the Skinny Pants.

Hi, I’m Melissa from Sassy Fras Designs and I’m so excited to be on the Jocole Blog Tour today!

I have thought the Jocole Skinny Pants were the best thing since sliced bread since the first time I laid eyes on them. However, I was very intimidated by them. I loved every version I saw, but I know the seamstresses who had sewn them are also a little bit like Wonder Woman, and my only super power is keeping a household of 5 kids from running (too) wild, so I remained intimidated. With a little encouragement, I jumped into sewing up a pair. Now I just have two problems #1) I need more stretch fabric in a rainbow of colors. #2) Why did I wait so long to try this pattern?!

From start to finish, this pair was done in under 3 hours. No joke. That includes taping pattern, tracing in my size, cutting fabric & sewing. I would have sworn something like this was going to take me days! 

This is my wearable muslin. I did back pockets, but no patch pockets, and was bucking the recommendations & planning on them being wearable all along. It could have gone either direction, but I was lucky (this time!)  The fabric is a teeny bit on the stiff side (it’s a chocolate brown stretch denim that happened to be in my stash) which highlighted areas where any bunching or pulling was occurring, but one quick session of pinning & altering & they’re much better. My next pair will be made with a little more lightweight stretch denim.

The pattern comes in a range of sizes from 00 to 28w, with lots of stops in between and makes it very easy to blend sizes to fit our bodies.

I’m still no Wonder Woman, but these pants absolutely make me feel like Super Girl at least! Ready to take on all that my kids & job throw at me, while looking pretty stylish to boot! And that is the moral of my story – if a mere mortal like me can do this, so can you.