Women's Leggings, Side by Side

So this week is a huge week for Women's Sewing, and we are happy to be joining in through the week with some Self Care Sewing of our own. (head over to ImagineGnats to see some amazing sewing and enter to win an awesome giveaway!)

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Today, Jeanine is here to help you make an educated decision about which legging pattern is best for you - Leggings are a fall staple, and all patterns are different!  Let's take a side by side look at the Jocole and Greenstyle Leggings.


Hey all! Jeanine here to bring you the skinny on 2 very popular legging patterns!
If you are anything like me, fall and winter mean time for leggings and cozy tunics and sweaters. 

Today I have the chance to show you the Jocole basic leggings and Greenstyle's Lucy leggings.

Both of these patterns have many GREAT options and both are a fast and easy sew. The patterns go together great, with no trimming of pages required. The patterns also have 1 main pattern piece and are a fast sew with clear directions and pictures.

  • Jocole's sizing is xs to 3x (which is a finished waist measure of 23"-41" and hips of 32"-51")
  • Greenstyle's sizing is 0-18 (which is a waist measurement of 24"-39" and hips of 31" -50.5")

Now, I know you want the pics of the fit. So I did the same measurement size in each pattern and sewed exactly as to the pattern without any adjustments or personalization in fit so you could see the basic fit of both patterns before I made a few adjustments... and I am wearing the leggings at the same spot on my waist as well. 

I really think these are both FAB patterns, but they both do have a different fit. Even when I went to lay the pattern pieces on top of each other both patterns were quite different in shape.

I am 5'5" and lacking in the booty department... 

Here are the Jocole:  

I used a cutting line one size longer than my one I cut because I wanted them to be a little long. Nothing worse that too short leggings when it is -40 outside! 
I also did the basic yoga waistband. Jocole does offer a fold over waistband option as well. Both yoga waistbands are measurements given for you to cut.

Here are Greenstyle's:

As you can see by fit Greenstyle's pattern does have a longer center seam. Which, those of you who need that extra length, are sure to appreciate. I chose the extra long cutting line on this pair, though I am short enough I likely didn't need too, but like I said before I prefer a bit long than a bit short. Again I chose the yoga waistband. Greenstyle has a pattern piece for the yoga waistband but not a foldover option.  

 To be honest, I am pickier than a 2yr old digging for boogers when it comes to my leggings! 

So, I had to make some more, in houndstooth! I lowered the front rise a couple inches. I really like hip hugging bottoms! I kept the back rise higher so as to avoid the plumber's look while chasing the kids. Plus my 2year old loves poking things in my pants if she can see down the back...    

I can tell you right now that I will NEVER buy a pair or leggings again! Not even if they are on a $5 sale! Sewing my own just produces leggings that are SO much more comfortable! None of that waist at the bra band thing or waistline hitting right at the widest spot and making the soft from babies tummy cut in half or elastic that is too tight, or legs that are too wide or short! 

So do yourself a favour this winter and sew yourself some leggings!