Sewing Room on a Budget- Thrifting my way to my happy place

You've all seen them-- perfectly decorated, impeccable sewing rooms-- furnished top to bottom with the latest IKEA furniture and adorable home decor. For years, I've been pinning these gorgeous spaces on my Sewing Room Pinterest Board, dreaming that someday, I would have one such beautifully equipped space. 

My Pinboard

My Pinboard

BUT, LET'S GET BACK TO's just not in my budget. Rather than hoping and dreaming for that someday to roll around, I decided that I would do my best to make my space at least functional, if not beautiful, by using second hand and repurposed items.

Today, I'm going to share my thrifty finds and how much I spent to make my dining room into my happy place... on a budget.

$20 Armoire

I got this antique armoire for $20. I was driving down the highway and there is a pull off spot where yard salers often set up. Slammed on my breaks, threw it in the truck, came home and painted it. 

Filled with books, office supplies, sewing supplies

Filled with books, office supplies, sewing supplies

I've had this piece for a few years now, so it has gotten a little scuffed up over time, but it still makes for a great place to stash items I need, but don't use every day. 

Another one of my favorite places to shop for deals is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. People take items there when they remodel, so you can find a lot of really nice functional pieces in the shop for a deep discount. 

$30 Thrifted Cabinet

I purchased this cabinet  in perfect condition for $30 and it came with the hanging hardware and knobs. Retails new for about $150. 

Shelf Space Galore

It has a ton of space! Inside you'll find boxes filled with buttons, trims, embroidery thread and other notions.

On the same trip to the Habitat store, I found these two industrial office tables. Before I snagged these, I had been sewing on two folding tables; they bounced way too much when I got sewing fast. SO ANNOYING.

Seriously Sturdy Tables

So, for $20 each, I picked up these babies and brought them home. 

Repurposed dresser

This dresser has been in my husband's family for years, but we did not have room for it in any of our bedrooms. I use it to hold my shipping supplies, ribbon, and embroidery blanks. Cost, $0. 

Repurposed Teacup Holder

This used to house my teacup collection. But since my dining room IS my sewing room and our eating space off the kitchen is all windows, I just don't have the wallspace to display it anymore. I originally bought it about 15 years ago from AC Moore, and I'm sure I used a coupon. It had been languishing in the attic for 3 years until I recently pulled it out for repurposing after the cone thread sale at Joanns. Cost, $0. 

Thrifted tack board

I snagged this corkboard at a tag sale for $2.00. I bought it more for nostalgia than anything.  My grandma used to sew Raggedy Ann dolls and the board features a vintage Raggedy Ann Design. Obviously, it is useful in that I can tack patterns, etc. up for easy access, but that kind of defeats my purpose since the cute design gets covered up.  Still trying to figure out what to do with this one.

Most recent purchase

I purchased these shelves for $3 each at the Goodwill recently. They are still pretty bare, but have have plans (insert evil laugh)

Oh cubbies, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

This just might be my favorite thrifted piece in my sewing room. This solid oak, double sided cubby with laminate top was purchased via a Facebook selling group. I paid $50 AND it was delivered to my front door. It's seriously solid (I think in it's previous life it was in a school classroom) and it's on casters, so accessing the back side is easy peasy!

The boring essentials

I scored this new condition desk off Craigslist for $40. It's really solid and doesn't take up a ton of space. Lucky me, the chair was free when my husband's job decided to get all new office furniture. I actually have 2 in my room, one at my desk and one at my machines, both FREE! 

Now, onto my babies. I have 3 thrifted machines. 

Singer 99k

This Singer 99K was a Christmas gift from my husband; he is finally getting the hang of my thrifty ways. He bought this at the Habitat store for $40. It included a sewing table, which we got rid of for lack of space.  He made the box it is sitting in from wood scraps in the garage. 

Elna yard sale score

This is my awesome Elna serger, purchased this fall for $35 at a yard sale. As a bonus, it came with a carry bag that smelled like an old lady. You can make this thread catcher for cheap with my tutorial HERE. 

The famous Johnson Ruffler

Ahhh, my pride and joy, the Johnson Ruffler Machine. Last year's Christmas gift from my husband, purchased off Craigslist for $85. Best. Machine. Ever.

So, that's my sewing room. It may not be picture perfect, but I love it. I am so happy with all my finds, because even though it might not perfectly match the color coordinated dream rooms on my pin boards, everything is functional and good quality. Here's the breakdown:

  • Armoire $20
  • Wall Cabinet $30
  • 2 Industrial Tables $40
  • Repurposed Dresser $0
  • Repurposed Teacup Holder $0
  • Cork Board $2
  • Shelves $6
  • Storage Cubby $50
  • Desk $40
  • 2 Rolling Chairs $0
  • 99k $40
  • Elna $35
  • Johnson Ruffler $85

Grand Total= $348

How did I do? Are you a deal seeker? Share your best tips for saving money or your best thrifting find in the comments!