Bundle with a twist...

So we know you are all excited about the BundleUP! Patterns, we have shown you reviews and the patterns sewn up on adorable models young and old.  This week, we are going to show you that some of these patterns might have a bit more versatility that you thought at first glance.

Today I will show off the Rachel dress by Modkid - but this isn't just a dress!!!!  It is a dress, a skirt, and a shirt all in one.  That's right dear sewing fanatics, you are getting 3 for one here.... and at a bundle price no less.

One of our amazing members of the Blog tour, Handcrafted by Red,  showed off how the top of the Rachel can easily be made into a banded top.  With varying sleeve lengths, neck lines, and the optional center ruffle; this pattern certainly has lots of room for play.

Now today, I am going to show you how adorable the Rachel looks as just a skirt - OHHHHH THE CUTENESS (sometimes I have a little mama swoon moment when I watch my baby grow)!!!!  But seriously, this is such a simple skirt that you are going to want to make a TON, and although I made mine all one color - it would be simple to do a contrasting waist band and ruffle for a fun pop.

So all you have to do is change the cutting of one pattern piece and you are set.  Yep, that simple - told ya!

  1. Take your Waist Band Pattern Piece and lay it in front of you
  2. it states - cut 4 on fold, scratch that
  3. You are going to cut TWO on the fold on the fold - did I confuse you, here let me show you a diagram (below).
  4. Put the two waistbands RST and sew the short V ends together
  5. Fold the waist band in half wrong sides together
  6. Place the waist band around the skirt, right sides together, with the raw edges matching. (leave a one inch opening for your elastic)
  7. Cut your elastic 2 inches shorter than your child's waist.
  8. Thread the Elastic through the waist band and sew up the opeing