BundleUP! with a Twist: The Shortened Annabelle

So if you have seen the BundleUP! collection, you have probably oooohed and ahhhhed over the beauty that is the Annabelle Dress by Violette Field Threads.  If you haven't seen it yet, you HAVE to check out the reviews by Becca and Cassie!!!!

I of course instantly fell in love, and then remembered that my daughter is TWO.  And she plays hard, and she is prone to accidents, and there is absolutely NO WAY the she could wear a maxi dress and not destroy it or die over the course of the day.  So what is a smitten mama to do??????  Well get creative of course!

So here are two mini tutorials - one from me to make a just bellow knee length dress, and then one from Alexis to make a Tea length dress.  Both are perfect for girls who struggle with long hem lines, or for any mamas who want to make up a gazillion of these for spring and summer for their little ones (I'm not the only one, right!!!).

I made my daughter's Annabelle with the contrasting center piece and three fabrics from Andover's Belle Air line - can we just say STUNNING!!!!  I added some lace to the center section to give it more connection to the chevron panels of the Medallion print in the skirt. The only other thing I changed was spreading the back of the straps straight across the back - I just liked that it gave a bit more back coverage and plenty of stability to keep the straps from shifting.

the bodice is lined in the Belle Air Medallion

the bodice is lined in the Belle Air Medallion

But you all want to know how to shorten this thing!!!!!

All right - the only thing you are going to change in your construction is the cutting of your bottom panel.  So go ahead and cut everything else out - but NOT the bottom panel.

  • Cut your bottom panel piece following the diagram below. 
  • Measure 1/2 inch down from the corner and then cut straight across
  • Use this new piece to cut all of your bottom panel pieces

There you go - sew it up following the directions and you will have a perfect shortened Annabelle to add to your collection!


So by now many of you have purchased the Violette Field Threads' new pattern, Annabelle Dress. If you have not purchased, don't wait too long for the BundleUp Sale that ends February 2nd! I wanted to share with you a mini tutorial on how I shorten The Annabelle Dress. As you can see below it is still long and but now a tea length dress.

  Ok lets get started... First off you will want to grab: Skirt Top Pattern Piece Skirt Bottom Pattern Piece Bottom Chevron Panel Pattern Piece and Ruler (you will NOT use the Middle and Top Chevron Panels) You will notice when you line all the pattern pieces the Skirt Bottom and Bottom Chevron Panel Pieces are longer than the Skirt Top Pattern Piece.

  So lets even that baby out! Lay the Skirt Pattern Piece on top of your gorgeous fabric, with your ruler you are going to add 1/2" to the pattern piece and Cut. You will do that to every skirt top piece the pattern calls for. See below for picture example...


    Cut your Skirt Bottom and Bottom Chevron Panel like normal. Now that everything is cut and lined up, take it to your sewing machine and sew per patterns instructions.


  Remember to shift your fabric 1/2" (per pattern instructions). Also, precision is key to sewing each layer, this way each panel will line up. (picture below shows one side sewn and the other not)

 Now let your creativity run wild and get sewing!! Can't wait to see!!