Free Stay Dry Drooler Bib Pattern and Kam Snap Press Giveaway

This spring there are lots of babies due for my friends and family, and I decided that it was time to break out one of my all time favorite designs and offer it as a free pattern to our fans. The Stay Dry Drooler Bib was my all time best selling item in my Etsy shop, and though I closed 2 years ago to focus on this blog, I still get requests from past customers to make more bibs for their new additions. My friends over at I Like Big Buttons were nice enough to sponsor this post and offer a giveaway too- of a Full Size, Industrial Kam Snap Press and size 20 dies. For those who can't wait, you can use the code PATREV for 10% off on their website. For the most up to date info from I Like Big Buttons, follow them on Facebook

As a new mom with a super drooly baby, I found that I was unhappy with store bought drooler bibs for a variety of reasons. The velcro was always sticking to my other items in the washer, getting filled with fuzz, or scratching my boy's sensitive skin. The bibs were either backed in some sort of waterproof material causing the drool to sit on top of the bib causing a rash on my baby's neck and chin, or they were all breathable fabric, and the drool soaked through wetting clothes and irritating his chest. At the time we were using cloth diapers, and I noticed that the cuddle fleece that lined the diapers wicked the wetness away from my baby's skin and it dawned on me that this could be the perfect solution to my bib problems, so I drafted a little pattern and sewed up a sample. It worked like a charm! The little "hairs" on the cuddle fleece pull the moisture through the top of the bib allowing the woven fabric to dry quickly. It also causes the wetness to dissipate quickly and not soak through to baby's clothes. I got a starter set of Kam Snaps and Hand and Pliers to use for the bib closure. This not only solved my velcro nightmares, it also made the bibs more difficult for my little guy to pull off. 

If you have a drooly baby in your life, you're going to want to add this pattern to your arsenal. Feel free to make this pattern for personal use or to sell items on a small scale, but please do not distribute the pattern. Instead, direct folks right back here. Enjoy!

Click Here to Download your Free Stay Dry Drooler Bib Pattern

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