A New Year, a New Start....

I'm not huge on specific 'resolutions' when I hit a new year, but I do like to have some general ideas of how I can better live and enjoy life as I start off the year.

As Christmas drew close, I realized that my sewing space was OUT OF CONTROL!  We are not talking a small mess or ohhhhhh I should straighten up before my mom comes over, we are talking disaster area.  Here, let me show you...(*I am insanely embarrassed to share these images, but I think it is important to be honest)

Yep, this is supposed to be our guest room... we haven't had any guests sleep over in over 18 months - partially because there is no where for them to sleep.  You are looking at a years worth of printed patterns strewn across a bed, random fabric, notions, and so much STUFF.

This gives an even better representation of the clutter - there is no method, only madness.  And yes, I bought that thread holder almost a year ago.... and here it sits on the ground with a bag of thread next to it no less, sigh.  Do you see the small patches of carpet, yep those are streamed with pearl beads, buttons, sewing feet, and pins.... many many many pins.  My children over the past year have snuck past the gate and entered my sewing area only to wreak havoc on any small items they can find....after the ump-teenth time cleaning up, I just gave up.

In this view you can see both my sewing area and my 'stash'.  I sew on an insanely old Bernina, Bernie, I love this machine - LOVE IT, but it is seriously limited.  Next to Bernie is my Serger, a Brother 1034D - hubs bought it for me last year when I killed my mom's old White Super Lock. These machines are the only thing in this picture that make me smile, because the rest of it is atrocious!!! 

On my sewing table are patterns, trims, thread, buttons, trash, and heaven knows what else.  As you look down past the sewing table, you can see my cutting table - see how the cutting board is drooping, that is because the table is a half width table - not really great for a cutting table, half the time my cutting mat ends up on the floor - but then I have to spend 20 minutes clearing a clean spot for it, blerg.

Beyond the Cutting tables you can see part of my 'stash' - this is a joke because 80% of my real fabric is sitting over on the bed or on the floor or on that chair.  Almost everything on the big white bookcase is clothing for upcycling.  The lower bookcase is covered with leftovers from projects that I just tossed over.  Oh, and that 2-3ft high mountain that spans from the edge of the bed all the way over to the book case, yeah that is a mix of who knows what - there is yardage in there, upcycle clothing in there, and possibly a small furry animal (I kid - but I was slightly worried about what I would find when I went through these piles).  Between the bed and the wall are other donations from friends and family of ribbon, fabric, clothing, and other sundries that have just been tossed there 'until I can get to it'.

Oh, that is the rub - that thought of 'I'll get to it later',  'I just don't have time right now', I' I'll do it right after I finish X'.  I kept saying all of those things for months and months, until the problem had grown into something that I couldn't handle, something that I didn't want to face because it wasn't going to be an easy fix.  After my third time in a week spending and hour looking for something I knew I owned but couldn't find, I finally woke up to the fact that I was killing my own time and creative energy by not taking the time to fix the problem.  That day (about 10 days before Christmas), I decided that my Christmas present to myself and my family would be to get this room cleaned up and organized.

For the next 6 days I spent between 2-4 hours a day sorting, organizing, and cleaning.  It was no small task, but I was able to see progress even on day one and I was sooooo motivated to get it done, and to do it well - or as well as I could.  I think that is something that holds me back - I want things to be perfect and wont even start if I don't think I can achieve perfection.  Instead - this year, I plan on daily doing the best I can.  After getting rid of about 6 bags of trash and taking one bag of clothing to Goodwill, vacuuming about 20 times, and rearranging furniture; my sewing space is now something I can walk through without fear of being impaled, it is a space where I can cut things and sew things, and find the fabric and notions I want quickly.  It is a new year, and a new start - and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store................ oh and I'll show you my finished space on FRIDAY ;o)