Halloween: Princess on Parade 2015 ... and Batman

Halloween... one of my favorite times of the year! I love and enjoy sewing up the Princess dresses that my girls request and trying to get all those details just right.

Today I will be sharing Princesses on Parade and a Superhero! 

First up Jasmine.  I was so excited when #teamMegan came up with this great pattern! When I saw it, I knew it would become one of my favorite Princess pattern to use and mash up to create anything my girls could throw at me.  Jasmine is one of those Princesses who has an adventurous spirit, who always speaks her mind.  Clara Mae was excited to dress up and become one of her favorite princesses. I love that with this pattern you can take the many looks of Jasmine and translate it into reality. Jasmine is mainly known for her aqua/turquoise clothing but, has been seen in the other Aladdin movies in purple, white, red. It’s fun to play around with different fabric combo and placement. For my Jasmine I picked the pant and veil option to really get the spirit of Jasmine to shine through. I picked up everything at Joann. This pattern also includes a dolly option, and if your little ones are anything like mine dolly is a must!

Ariel if y’all know me Ariel is my favorite and I keep trying to create and come up with different versions of Ariel. She is adventurous and stays true to her heart. First up is the mermaid look I used again #teammegan #teammermaid this time the Madison pattern - this also comes in dolly if you want to make a matching one. Fabrics used all wovens from Joann and the main green I picked up at Walmart. This look I did maxi with the hi­low ruffle. For Bella I will do the tea length or knee length next time since she is on the shorter side. This little mermaid enjoyed being in the sea {lake} more than on land.

Another mermaid look can be created by using the M4M Belle .  For this version, I left off the neck ruffle and band. I added a small ruffle at the waist to create a fin like look. Fabric used all JoannNext up is the Pink Ariel when she is eating with Prince Eric. I used a combo of patterns from Made for Mermaids I used Cinderella as the base. I FMA the sleeve detail and I extended the peplums to how I wanted the finished look to be. Fabrics all came from my good friend Jennifer of Bailey Girls.

Now we are going to the East to China for this next Princess who brave, loyal, and has so much strength and beauty. I will be showing 2 looks for Mulan I wanted to showcase both color of her dresses.

Up first is M4M.  I used this Cinderella Dress pattern for the bodice and added in my own special touches to bring the look together.  The skirt is from the Tilt Dress by Amanda of Mandy K Designs  .  Fabric is all woven from Joann.

For the second Mulan, I used Jessica of Izzy & Ivy  . The great thing about this pattern is the bodice can be made with woven or knit so if you want to mix it up and do a knit bodice and a woven skirt this is the perfect pattern for you. The sash idea came from the Cleaning Cinderella and was added to the bodice of Tallulah. These both sew up fast if you are the kind of mama who waits until the last minute like I am on costumes!!

Only love can thaw a Frozen heart. Frozen is still very popular and chances are you might have a little still begging to be Elsa or Anna.  (there are a bunch of great frozen looks in the archives of Pattern Revolution).  Today I am sharing Anna in her adventure dress  and Elsa's Ice Dress.  Jocelyn of Foo Foo Threads has fabulous patterns and I love the flat front peasant dresses.  For this I started with the Flat Front Peasant and modified it with long sleeves and a sweetheart overlay. I added a simple skirt with a ruffle skirt hem. All fabrics and trims came from Joann and I stuck with wovens again.  This pattern is perfect for all those who have embroidery machine - you can really make this version of Anna shine through some embroidery work.

 A tale old as time... Belle is beauty and grace and I couldn't help but make her iconic provincial dress look. Once again I started with the M4M Cinderella Dress.  Fabric used was Joann all woven. This look is also gorgeous in a lighter shade of blue if you didn’t want to do the darker shade.

You’ve got to dig a lil deeper... Tiana the Louisiana princess this one was my own creation and I learned so much in self­drafting. There are a few cross over bodice patterns out there or if you have the Izzy & Ivy Tallulah you could start modifying it and creating this look. I added leaf shapes to cover up the skin more with the cross over bodice. For the skirt portion I used the M4M  Tianna pattern.  I find great joy in mashing up different designers along with my own alterations to make truly one of a kind pieces. Fabric used was all Joann wovens.

Paint with all the colors of the wind... Pocahontas listens to her heart and for this look I took Liz of Little Lizard King's Easy Ruffle Dress  created a V shape at the hemline and added ruffles. Fabric all woven from Joann If you didn’t want to do a fabric ruffle you can use the suede trim for the more authentic look of Pocahontas.

Stand straight and tall and your aim won’t fall. To create Merida, a free spirit lass, I used the M4M Merida Dress.   I love Merida and I was so happy my sewing friend Trisha let her daughter model my dress she is stunning and has the same spirit as Merida she is brave, strong, and beautiful. All fabric came from Joann and I used all woven.

My girls are obsessed with Sofia and although I don’t have my take on Sofia I created her sister Amber using Merida and Rapunzel to mash up to create this look. I created pintucks for the center then cut the center pattern out after creating my tucks. Fabric used was all woven from Joann. Look for a Sofia to come soon :)

She may slumber until a true love first kiss wakes this Sleeping Beauty up. Aurora is a kind, beautiful soul and for this dress I took M4M's Aurora.  I went for the “Make it Blue” look and I love all the fabrics I was able to find at Joann in the perfect shades.  This dress will make your little beauty shine on the dance floor. 

Last up for the Princesses is the fairest of them all Snow White she is sweet, gentle, and kind to all. I took the M4M Snow White Dress  and did some personal mods to create a collar look around the neckline. I also used  the Christmas Belle along with Snow White dress to create this other look for Snow White.

All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust! Tink is a feisty, creative, and quick minded. I used M4M Tink.  This is such a great pattern and you can create many different fairies with this. I used Michael Miller fairy frost I found on Etsy. This is a circle skirt so it twirls added that special touch of Tink.

Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M­I­C­K­E­Y M­O­U­S­E!! We are clubhouse watches and love the magic place on Earth so I had to create a MM look for this I used M4M Cleaning Cinderella,  and I left off the apron portion. All fabric is woven and came from Joann.

My little one is obsessed with Sheriff Callie yee haw!! I’m in the midst of creating yet another take on Sheriff Callie. For this particular dress I used Elizabeth of Fairytale Pattern's Genevieve and I made a few mods to the pattern. I loved how this turned out.  All fabric was woven and came from a local quilt shop in town. 

I don’t often sew for boys, but when I do I really try my best to make sure the final result  is as close to what that boy is asking for!!! For Batman, I went with Amy of Peek­A­Boo Patterns Anna and Alex PJ's combined with Kymy of Everything Your Mamamade and More My Little Super Hero Set.  I created my own symbol using some clipart that I found on Google.  Print, cut and use some Free Motion Stitching, and voila - BATMAN. I also took Kate of Monkeysbug Hipster Briefs for the over-underwear.  To get the correct fit, I upsized 2 sizes to fit over the pjs. For the fabric of this costume I had fabulous Purpleseamstress knits on hand -  if you ever need knits Mel has great customer service and the fabric ships fast. These patterns all sew up fast so that you can create any superhero your little one desires. 

I hope you enjoyed all these Princess on Parade plus a few extra. Please let me know if there are any princesses or other costumes you’d love to see and I will do a follow­up post.I love Halloween and I love Disney so these costumes are also perfect for the Happiest Place on Earth!! Win­Win :)